Allow your skin to be pampered with our cosmetic treatments. All treatments utilise high-quality products and equipment, and help you and your skin to regenerate and relax.

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The treatments are designed for you as an individual and will be specific for your skin type, which gives both men and women a sense of wellbeing.

Aesthetico® Peeling

Aesthetico® Peeling: Under supervision from a doctor, skin peeling using fruit acids (salicylic and glycolic) to clean normal skin damaged by everyday living. The treatment gives an overall fresh look to the skin, improves problems with acne, fine lines, pigmentation, and oversized pores. A session will last about 60 minutes, and for the best results 4 – 6 treatments will be required. As the skin regenerates after treatment it will have a slight red appearance and light flaking may occur. This disappears rapidly.

Acne Cleansing

This treatment is suitable for the face, back and décolleté. The skin is cleaned, gently peeled, cleansed and disinfected (acne toilette), to help remove blackheads, whiteheads and papulopustles (pimples). The procedure is used in conjunction with special creams to calm the skin, and face masks. This treatment is best used as support to a medicinal acne therapy. A session will last between 45 – 60 minutes and should be carried out every 4 – 6 weeks. (There are price concessions available for teenagers).

Anti- Aging Behandlung

Mit dieser spezifischen Pflege wird der Hautalterung entgegengewirkt und diese besteht aus der Hautanalyse, Reinigung, Peeling nach Vaporisation (Bedampfung), Ausreinigung¸ Wirkstoff- Serum Gesicht-, Hals-, Dekolleté Massage, Maske/Augenkompresse, Abgestimmte Pflege- und Augencreme. Zum Einsatz kommen bei dieser Spezial- Behandlung Seren und Kosmetika welche aktiv helfen dem Alterungsprozess entgegenzuwirken. Dies sind im Hauptsächlichen anti oxidative Substanzen welche alle aus natürlichen (meist pflanzlichen) Ausgangsmaterialien gewonnen werden. Eine Behandlung dauert ca. 90 Minuten und sollte alle 4-6 Wochen durchgeführt werden.

Eye Area and Brow Care

The sensitive area around the eye needs to be very carefully treated, with especially mild creams and serum and gentle compression. Eye brows can be sculptured into the customer’s desired shape using string epilation (hair removal), and both eye brows and eye lashes can be tinted, if so desired. Treatment can be completed in approximately 30 minutes, and can be repeated after 4 – 6 weeks.

Eyelash Lifting

Lash Lifting  gives your eyes that magical look.

Lash Lifting, a new eyelash treatment, optically lengthens the individual lashes. As opposed to perming, whereby the lashes are curled around a small cotton rods, Lash Lifting uses special silicone pads and gentle solutions to lift the eyelashes directly from the roots.  This method gives the visual effect of longer lashes – up to twice the length. It is the perfect alternative to artificial extensions to achieve a natural, long looking, compact and perfectly curved effect. Eyelash extensions don’t come into question for most women and the daily mascara, cumbersome dyeing or curling often result only in a short-term desired effect, are time consuming and expensive. For those who are tired of always using a lash curler or have no desire to have fake lashes, you should definitely try Lash Lifting . The result usually lasts more than 6 weeks and the treatment itself usually takes less than three quarters of an hour. To make the result perfect, the eyelashes can be colored after the lifting.

Unwanted Hair Removal (Temporary) - Sugaring/Waxing/String Epilation

Sugaring is the gentlest method of removing unwanted hair. A sugar paste is applied at body temperature to the treatment area and the hair is removed almost painlessly. This method has been used for thousands of years by women in the orient, and is a highly effective natural epilation method. It lends itself particularly to sensitive areas such as the face and intimate regions of the body. If the customer doesn’t want this method to be used, or has a medical reason why it cannot be employed, we can carry out the epilation using the hot wax technique (removal of hair using a hot wax paste) or for small areas of unwanted hair and single hairs we can use the string epilation technique. Sessions for these treatments can vary in length depending on the body zone to be treated but at least 30 minutes will be required. Repetition of the treatment depends upon how quickly the client’s hair regrows.

Facial Treatment

We offer facial treatments suitable for both men and women, and all skin types, determined by skin analysis. We use a number of active ingredients and serums, mostly natural products derived from plant material, to help improve your skin and to help you to relax. The treatment consist of: skin analysis, cleansing, peeling (after steam treatment), application of specialised balsam gently massaged into the skin, individualised face mask and finally the application of a facial care cream. The treatment will last approximately 90 minutes.

Hair Removal (Permanent):

The derma competence center offers the ‘gold standard’ method for permanent hair removal using a state-of-the-art Alexandrite laser, and will be supervised by a doctor who has specialised in dermatology. After the first session the customer will see a dramatic reduction in hair growth, and after 6 – 8 treatment sessions spaced between 4 – 6 weeks, a 95% reduction in unwanted hair will be achieved. The treatment will cause slight pain during the procedure and a slight reddening of the skin that will disappear quickly.

Hand and Foot Treatment

The skin and nails on our hands and feet are very sensitive, and are subjected to heavy ‘wear and tear’ on a daily basis, requiring specialised care to maintain their health and appearance. The derma competence center offers specialised and professional cosmetic manicures and pedicures designed for both women and men. We will be please to apply your desired nail finish (nail varnish etc.)

Cosmetic Back and Décolleté Treatment

The décolleté skin and, to a lesser extent, the skin on the back are subjected to similar daily environmental punishment as our faces, and therefore will show signs of the skin’s aging process, namely, wrinkles, and pigmentation changes. The derma competence center has designed specialised cosmetic treatments to help these sensitive skin zones to regenerate, look healthier, fresher and youthful. The treatment, which includes anti-inflammatory components, also complements acne treatment. A treatment session will last about 45 minutes and can, if required, be repeated every 4 – 6 weeks.

Cosmetic Consultation

What type of skin do I have? What should I do to look after my skin?
Am I using skin products and cosmetics that are suitable for my skin?
What can I do to make my skin look heathier, clearer, and make myself look younger?
These types of questions can be answered in personal consultation with our cosmetic experts at the derma competence center. A thorough analysis of your skin, pH value (acid/alkaline balance), complexion type, moisture level, fat content and skin elasticity will all first be measured. Using a special camera we can determine your skin’s type and its condition. Using all of this information, a personal care system can be developed together with you. A consultation (the first, or follow-up control) requires the client to be free of any cosmetic products, and will last approximately 30 minutes.


Skin tones can appear pallid and pale when the cells at the skin’s surface no longer fully function and cosmetic products can no longer compensate for the loss of colour. Micro-exfoliation gently abrades the surface of the skin using a jet of micro-fine aluminium oxide. The peeling action, combined with vacuum, stimulates the production of collagen, improves the elasticity of the skin and enhances blood micro-circulation. The skin feels softer, smoother and even. The appearance of scars, enlarged pores, and stretch marks will be improved. The treatment may lead to a discrete area of reddening in the treatment area that will quickly fade. The length of treatment sessions will vary depending on the skin area to be handled. To obtain optimum results, 3 – 4 sessions will be required spaced 2 – 4 weeks apart.

TDA- transdermal application of aktive substances with high oxygen preasure

TDA – Technology stands for transdermal application, vitalization of the skin cells and a way to healthier, nourished, more youthful, beautiful skin, as well as support for the skins resilience and healing.

In contrast to conventional non-invasive methods in which high pressure water (e.g., HydraFacial®) is penetrated into the deeper skin layers, or by injection therapies, the TDA active ingredients, coupled with a carrier substance, reach the deeper layers of the skin by means of air pressure. Transdermal Application provides a maximum depth of skin active complexes and is the newest non-invasive regenerative treatment system – a result of extensive research and development work in Germany and already well established throughout Europe.

It works without direct contact with the skin and is completely painless. The deep penetration of the skin with active substances such as hyaluronic acid complexes, anti-inflammatory substances for acne and rosacea, active ingredients for nail hardening and promotion of healthy hair growth, lies in the enriched carrier substance LP3, combined with pure oxygen to form micro-units.

At accelerated ultrasound speed, these LP3 active complexes penetrate the upper layers of the skin (cornea) so that the active ingredients can penetrate into the deep dermis (subcutis). Once in the deeper layers of the skin, active ingredients store depots which are then available to the skin long term. These continuously stimulate the regeneration of the skin cells and ensure a lasting improved skin appearance. The natural structure of the skin is visibly strengthened and for example, the depth of wrinkles is reduced, inflammations are reduced and nail growth is stimulated.

Already after the first treatment there is an immediate, visible Direct-Effect and freshness boost in the skin’s appearance. For the long lasting improved appearance, 1-2 treatments a week are recommended in order to adjust the undernourished skin from scratch. Afterwards, a period of 4-6 weeks between the third to sixth treatment is recommended.

Very soon, it should also be possible to administer local anesthetics into the skin using transdermal application to painlessly perform aesthetic treatments such as the Vampire Lift with PRP and tattoo removal. Further active complexes are already being developed to make it possible to infiltrate PRP, the patient’s own plasma, with concentrated growth factors directly into the skin, totally without needles.

Presently, these Active Ingredient Complexes are available at the dermatology practice, derma competence center.

Hyal N5 TDA, FOR YOUNG, SATURATED SKIN: Protects young skin against environmental skin ageing, supplies valuable moisture and vitamins deep down and smooths early dryness wrinkles.

Hyal N10 TDA, FOR INTRINSICALLY AGED SKIN: Stimulates the skin’s own collagen production and micro-circulation and activates the absorption of active substances into the deepest skin layers for a natural lifting effect.

Mitocell TDA, FOR EXTRINSICALLY AGED SKIN: The highest concentration of anti-aging active substances ensures deep-acting regeneration of the cell-damaged skin, visibly reduced wrinkles and a rejuvenated appearance.

Canaboost TDA, FOR SKIN IN NEED OF REGENERATION: Has a cell-activating effect, provides intensive skin nourishment and promotes long-term regeneration. Hemp oil serves to strengthen the cell membrane, boosts the complexion and reduces wrinkles.

Proderm TDA, FOR DIAGNOSED PROBLEM SKIN: Combats skin impurities and inflammation. Has an antibacterial effect and helps improve the overall complexion.

Dermacool TDA, FOR IRRITATED SKIN: Cools, soothes and hydrates the skin. Supports the body’s own repair mechanism, reduces redness and the feeling of tension in stressed skin. Recommended as an after-sun treatment or aftercare for all treatments that irritate the skin.

Polar TDA, FOR HYPERPIGMENTATION: protects the skin with its active complex formulation against environmental influences, thus preventing discoloration and skin ageing. The unique formula promotes skin peeling and thus contributes to a more even complexion.

Fight TDA Men, FIRMS AND STRENGTHENS THE SKIN: Reduces wrinkles, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The natural protective function of the skin is strengthened, micro-circulation is stimulated, and cell renewal promoted.

Rescue TDA Men, IMPROVES COMPLEXION: soothes sensitive, stressed and irritated skin – especially after shaving – and helps to reduce redness, irritation and mild inflammation. in addition, it provides the skin with lasting moisture.

Face, neck décolletage, hands, as well as problem areas with stretch marks and scars can be specifically treated. The dosage of the active ingredients can be partially intensified, for example, for the sensitive, care-requiring eye area. The applications is tailored to the physical properties of each corresponding cocktail of active ingredients, to ensure that all substances arrive in the skin where it should be, so that they can develop their full effect. All you can feel during the treatment is a light, pleasantly cooling massage effect.

This innovative active system can also be applied as an addition to other therapies for skin improvement such as, Laser Therapy (fractional), botulinum toxin (Botox®), hyaluronic acid filler, thread lifting and radiofrequency, to achieve even better results.

V-Sonic, ultrasound to assist the absorption of active substances

V-Sonic uses ultrasound to assist the absorption of active substances into facial tissue and other areas of the body to treat cellulite, stretch marks, and joint pains.
Ultrasound technology has been used for many years in various medical branches, e.g. sport medicine and physiotherapy. Many scientific studies and practical experience have demonstrated the positive effects sound waves have on skin and body care. This method helps the active product to be properly absorbed into the body and to penetrate deep under the skin, where it will work best in combination with liposolve injections

Below is an overview of the beauty and care products, peeling substances and equipment used in our cosmetic studio.

Aesthetico® Fruit Acid Peeling

Aesthetico® fruit acid is a fully natural product, based on acids obtained from lemons, apples, and wine. It is an extremely safe and highly flexible method to carry out skin peeling. The product’s activity depends upon the concentration of the acids in the aqueous solution, and the solution’s pH level. A treatment regime, depending on skin type, consists of between 6 – 12 sessions, set at intervals of 1 – 4 weeks. The treatment can be regulated to meet the demands of all skin types, and will not interfere with the customer’s normal daily activities. The treatment stimulates skin regeneration, removes surface dead skin cells, reduces hard skin deposits, and results in uniform and beautiful skin, enhanced collagen production and the stabilisation of the acidic protective layer of the skin.
Further information can be found at:

Eyelash Lifting

If you do not always want to help out with eyelash curlers, you do not want to pay attention to artificial eyelashes, so try out Lash Lifting. The treatment lasts about 45 minutes, the result usually lasts 6-8 weeks.

This is how Lash Lifting works:

  1. The skin around the eye is cleaned from oils and other residue.
  2. Then a protective pad is affixed to the lower eyelid.
  3. The eyelashes are combed for separation and cakiness
  4. A second silicone pad is adhered on the upper lid. Different sized pads allow for the desired turn of the lashes.
  5. The lashes are then fixed to the silicone pad.
  6. Lifting Lotion is applied to the lashes and left to work.
  7. After a few minutes the lashes are then released from the pad.
  8. For a more dramatic effect, at this point the lashes can be dyed.
  9. After the lifting, a moisturizing conditioner is applied to the lashes. Lash care is advised for longer lasting results.


Skin problems have many reasons. Causes can be changes in the hormonal household, exposure to UV radiation, – or oxidative environmental factors, or also a reaction due to stress in daily life as well.

Daily skin care plays an important role in the treatments from a dermatologist. This should be totally specified to the skin type and the skin condition of the patient.

Whether for skin conditions such as impurities, pimples or blackheads, redness and irritations or pigment and age spots, but also after aesthetic treatments with lasers, botulinum filler (Botox®), thread lifting or after peelings, the right care is essential.

In such cases, we recommend to our patients the innovative, Swiss functional skincare Filabé and have added this product line to the cosmetic institute of our dermatology practice. Our cosmetologist can advise you on a regime with Filiabé based on your needs.

The recyclable microfiber wipes are loaded with active ingredients for cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing the skin with zero additives. The skincare system is a perfect complement to our treatments and long established skin care products.

The microfiber wipes from Filabé transport the active ingredients directly into the skin by means of a light peeling effect – reaching under the epidermis. They support your skin by restoring the skin’s natural balance and without leaving any fatty film residue on your skin.

Filabé offers six products for various skin care needs for repair and prevention. In the „Repair“ category, using „Skin Clear Young“, „Skin Clear Adult“, „Irritated Skin“ and „Uneven Skin tone“, skin problems are resolved. These products help to for example, with youth or adult acne, rosacea, eczema, and pigment discoloration, age spots and psoriasis as well as with perioral dermatitis.

The prevention products, „Balanced Skin“ and „Aging Skin Balanced“, maintain skin health by supporting the natural protective layer and prevent the signs of aging through their antioxidant effect.

Filabé is a night care system which optimally supports the regeneration of the skin during the night. Already after just a few days, the first improvements are physically evident and visible. And, after on skin renewal cycle, which depending on age takes about 28 to 72 days, the skin’s appearance is sustainably improved.

Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler and his cosmetologist will gladly consult you on which Filabé is best suited for your needs and the use can begin. In addition, this skin care product is animal free, vegan and recyclable. After use, the wipes and foil packaging (for 7 wipes) can easily be returned in the pre-posted return bag, enclosed with each package.

Filabé facial wipes can be purchased anytime at the derma competence center, just as Skin Ceuticals skincare products. Additionally, with a special code obtainable directly in our practice, the products can be ordered straightaway and for an advantageous price, from the Filabé homepage.

La Roche Posay® Series of Skin Care Products

The derma competence center uses skin care products from La Roche Posay® to provide our customers with the best possible skin care. These products, based on the therapeutic properties of spa water, contain only mild preservatives, are fragrance free and deliver a smooth texture. The product range offers optimal care for all skin types, and skin issues, and we highly recommend the use of their series of sun protection creams.
Further information can be found at:

Multi-Dermascope MDS800 Skin Analysis

HautdiagnostikWith the assistance of this highly-developed scientific instrument, instantaneous measurements can be made to determine the condition of our clients’ skin and hair which allows us to give individualised recommendations on the most appropriate skin care program. The instrument measures:
– Skin moisture and fat content (which helps determine the optimal skin care products to use);
– Elasticity of the skin (helps to determine the biological age of the skin);
– Melamine level of the skin (determines the pigmentation of the skin, which helps in determining the optimal sun protection that should be used);
– And helps to examine areas that may benefit from laser treatment to improve the skin’s condition.
A specialised skin camera, with an integrated UV-A light source, is attached to this instrument, which enables the collection of detailed images of the skin’s surface as well as hair and scalp.

Sugaring from sessu®:

This method of natural removal of unwanted hair has its roots in the countries of the orient and has been practiced for thousands of years. The Sessu® methodology based on natural hair removal was patented over 30 years ago, and is the original “no wax, no resin, no chemicals” procedure. This unproblematic use of natural products is a safe and gentle way of removing hair and is suitable for all areas of the body.

Silk-Peel® Mechanical Peeling

SILKMechanical removal of the surface and middle layers of the skin is accomplished by firing a jet of high-speed quartz sand-like micro particles at the skin, and at the same time removing the used particles by suction. This peeling method is an effective treatment to thoroughly clean the skin, and is a helpful treatment for small scars, stretch marks, pigmentation issues and pale, tired skin. The process is painless, and can be used comprehensively. Optimal results will be achieved with 4 treatment sessions at 3 week intervals.
Further information can be found at:

SkinCeuticals® Care Products

“Behind SkinCeuticals science-based products is a core philosophy: to prevent skin damage, correct any current damage and protect the skin so that it stays gorgeously healthy and youthful. To meet these goals SkinCeuticals products are developed using strong scientific principles.”
The derma competence center believes in exactly the same philosophy as SkinCeuticals® and are proud to offer their highly effective quality products based on natural products even in our studio. The building block principle offered by SkinCeuticals allows us to choose the optimum products for all skin types and problems.
Further information can be found at:

TDA- transdermal application by SEYO

TDA – Technology stands for transdermal application. TDA was developed through intensive research in Germany. This innovative technology deals with one of the newest, non-invasive, regenerative treatment systems. Transdermal Application has already been used since a few years in Germany and Europe with great success, to reach deeper skin layers with active ingredient complexes.

Scientific studies conducted by the manufacturer:

(published on the homepage:

  • Oxygen supply – with SEYO TDA + 62 % Oxygen-supply and reduction of free radicals by 85 %
  • Opening of the epidermis – with SEYO TDA + 65 %
  • Improved skin appearance – with SEYO TDA:
    +   54 % forehead
    + 132 % mouth angle
    + 166 % eye angle
    +   60 % moisture of the skin
  • Transport depth – with SEYO TDA – 6-fold compared to standard


The deep penetration is attributed to the carrier substance LP3, enriched with active components exclusively developed by SEYO. This enriched carrier substance is fortified with active components, for example, hyaluronic acid complexes, active substances for hail hardening, hair growth stimulation, and combined with pure oxygen to form micro units. With ultra sound speed from a defined distance, these are applied to the skin. The combination of LP3 with oxygen pressure, penetrates the skin barrier and opens the top skin layer (epidermis). These active substances then penetrate and reach the deeper skin layers (dermis).

Unlike conventional application techniques, such as the (HydraFacial® or AquaJet Peel®) there is no source effect through the carrier medium water, but only a real effect of the active complexes. Further information and description of the exact technology and the active substances is found on the SEYO homepage:

The TDA System consists of a computer-controlled application station, applicator and TDA treatment cartridges containing the various active substances. The exact mixing ratio of oxygen and carrier substances is automatically calculated by the device based on the patient’s skin specifications. The oxygen pressure and speed of the application is continuously controlled. Depending on the related substance formulation, the droplets are released in ultrasound frequency patterns at a perfectly constant size, thus allowing optimal deep penetration of the skin.

During the treatment, the applicator is guided over the skin at a defined distance – there is no direct contact with the skin. The device constantly monitors the progress of the treatment and signals when it is time move to other skin areas.

The treatment is absolutely pain free and there are zero side effects. Patients can continue with daily activities with the desired direct effect, straight after treatment.

V-Sonic® Vitalwave Ultrasound Therapy

V-sonic V-Sonic® offers the possibility of using variable frequency ultrasound waves to aid the absorption and deep penetration of active substances and/or combinations of active substances into the skin and deep body tissue. The waves promote the flow of fluids, (through heat and massage) and improve the blood flow to help bring the active products to the zone within the body where they will work best. For the best results, a number of sessions will be required. This treatment improves not only the skin, but also the connective tissue and joints. The client will suffer no down time after this treatment.
Further information can be found at (only in German):

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