Due to the good response, acceptance and high demand and also due to our happy wrinkle-free participants, we extend our campaign until 30.09.2017:

Wrinkelfree friends

In life evrybody gets wrinkles, some of  sooner , some later. They can give a face a stronger expression and reflect the character, but they can also be too strong and therefore unliked.

The dermatologist with knowledge in aesthetic medicine has a variety of different procedures for wrinkle treatment. The dermatologist can reduce wrinkles or almost completely disappear.

This summer the derma competence center offers a special action for friends. Come together for the same therapy, each receives a discount of 25%.

For this purpose, it is important to carry out a wrinkle analysis by the dermatologist before to determine the type of wrinkels. The difference is important , for mimic wrinkles (for example, creases, caused by the activity of the facial muscles) are distinguished from wrinkles caused by the elasticity loss of the skin.

When the treatment plan with the patient is made with the patient for wrinkle reduction, after the analysis of the personal fold pattern, with the patient, this is done taking into account the personal perception. The developed treatment concept allows the desired and natural-looking result to be achieved.

In the derma competece center, your dermatologists only use treatments without surgery – non-invasive procedures. These methods have become more and more important in recent years and, in most cases, make surgical procedures and their risks superfluous.

Wrinkels can be treated with different procedures the skin image significantly improves. Corresponding successes are shown in the tension, structure and tightness of the skin. The advantage of these methods lies in the fact that the patient develops only minime or no downtime or side effects.

In the derma comptence center various methods such as radio frequency, carboxytherapy, hyaluron filler, “vampire lifting” and “boutulinum” (Botox) are available, as well as the fractional laser fraction in winter.

We would be happy to advise you in detail, bring your  friend and profit  until the end of August 2017.