“Healthy skin is beautiful. Beautiful skin is nourished, and nourished skin is healthy.”

Dermatological diagnosis and therapy for all skin, hair and nail disorders and conditions.

Skin cancer control skin check birthmark control

As experienced dermatology specialists for skin disorders, venereal diseases and allergies as well as through our certified and comprehensive additional training and experience, we are the contact for all disorders in these areas. We are recognized by all health insurance companies.

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Competent consultation and therapy for all questions regarding aesthetics and skin changes, e.g., Laser, Carboxy, Filler and much more.

Laser treatments Beauty Aesthetic consultation

As established and experienced doctors in aesthetics, we provide you clinical advice in the area of aesthetics. This entails all treatments regarding your concerns about your appearance; for women as well as men.

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This skin’s vitality is increased through treatments with effective nurturing ingredients and medical-grade cosmetics.

Good makeup type advice nursing advice

In the area of cosmetics, you can indulge in letting yourself and your skin be pampered. All treatments are performed using high quality and premium in-house products and equipment, and help you and your skin to regenerate and relax.

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The Synergy of these 3 large areas of the skin makes it possible for us at derma competence center in Zurich-Enge, to do the very best for your skin and fully assist you.

In the cosmetic area, our primary focus is in medical-grade cosmetics.

Complete medical service for our patients.

Show us what is troubling you, we will get the full picture and offer our advice.

Our medical team

Doctors in the derma competence center, their CV, training and specialty:

Since April 2023, the medical team at the derma competence center has consisted of three specialists in dermatology and venereology. All three dermatologists have different lengths of experience in their specialist field and in their work in the private sector.

In addition to the core competence in the treatment of skin diseases, all three dermatologists have other areas of interest (aesthetic dermatology, allergology, child and adolescent dermatology laser dermatology, travel and tropical dermatology, etc.) which, as a team, enable all-encompassing care of all patients.

An inter-collegial exchange and the visits of special cases by the medical team contributes to the fact that each individual specialist can contribute his skills and thus the best possible treatment of the patient is made possible.

Even during the holiday periods, there is always at least one doctor on site as a contact person in Zurich Enge and informed about the medical history of the individual patient.


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