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A new year has begun – leave unwanted behind – tattoo removal Zurich

Also this year we would like to help you with our New Year’s to remove an unwanted tattoo”Tattoo undo”

Tattoos are actually meant for eternity, but the attitude is often changed. There are several reasons for a tattoo removal: changes in the professional or private situation, a tattoo that has become unhappy with time, or the desire for a tattoo change (so-called cover-up), for which the tattoo or parts of it have to be removed. The motives for tattoo removal can be so varied. Our lasers are also. We use the established q-switch lasers for years. Here Tattoolaser 4 different wavelengths are available to us. The vast majority of tattoos can be removed without scars and scars. These lasers are, of course, the gold standard for the removal of tattoos and pigments. Newer techniques do not always keep what they promise are partly much more expensive and have to prove themselves in practice first, but please not to our patients. Tattoo removal Zurich – gentle and effective Mostly, more than 6 sessions are required to complete tattoo removal. This is carried out at intervals of 4-6 weeks. This tattoo removal is painful but usually does not require pain treatment. Finally, local anesthesia can be performed by means of a cream. Afterwards usually crusts, a downtime does not exist and that tattoo becomes brighter and more subtle after each session. If you get rid of your unwanted tattoo, call us and make an appointment! Derma competence center – Tattoo removal Zurich The derma competence center is within walking distance of the Enge railway station. In the center of Zurich, in the circle 2. Chief dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler treats besides all skin diseases also allergies, hair and nail diseases. We are also specialized in laser medicine and aesthetic dermatology. In cosmetics, the focus is on medical cosmetics. Do not hesitate, we look forward to hearing from you.