Advanced Training for Dermatologists during Corona

Advanced Training for Dermatologists during Corona

The Coronavirus, the previous Lockdown and the worldwide restrictions made no exceptions for advanced and continued medical trainings.

Advanced medical trainings which are otherwise major events taking place in Switzerland and internationally, were almost exclusively held virtually in 2020.

Presentations were livestreamed, discussed per online-chats, and operations for skin cancer, laser therapies and aesthetic treatments for example for wrinkles, were broadcasted live. Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler and his colleagues had the opportunity to communicate and discuss virtually online with the treating practitioners.

Quite remarkably, even the industrial exhibitions of manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic instruments, lasers, innovations in the aesthetic market for hyaluronic acid filler, threads for thread lifting and further treatments for wrinkles and body sculpting were possible to visit virtually. Participants, and so dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler, could virtually maneuver through the exhibition rooms and stop by the individual company stands for information and explanations of the innovations.

These great, new possibilities in the area of digital advanced training and continuing education, supports us in the fight against the spreading of the Coronavirus and helps us to protect others.

Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler, Head of the dermatology practice derma competence center in Zurich Enge, has been able to participate in many different digital congresses.

Among them was the National Congress of the Zuricher Dermatological Association, as well as, the renowned International Advanced training week of the German Dermatology Association.

Both events for registered practitioners like Dr. Schnitzler in Zurich Enge, belong to the standard of advanced training in the dermatological-medical field.

The main emphasis here is and remains the exchange and communication on the topic of Skin Cancer. In addition, acne, eczema, and psoriasis, allergies and STD’s were intensively reviewed.

As well, congresses in the area of aesthetics and cosmetic medicine were held virtually.

At the end of August, one of the world’s leading events in this area, the 5 Continent Congress, took place.

Dr. Schnitzler virtually attended the 5CC World Congress: aesthetics, lasers and medicines for the skin. 
Treatments were introduced and demonstrated by the world’s most experienced specialists. Innovations in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine, Wrinkle Treatment, Body Sculpting, Laser Medicine and Medical Cosmetology were brought directly to the on-line audience.

Thanks to new technology, advanced and continuing trainings in the area of dermatology and aesthetics carry on despite Corona. Dr. Schnitzler will also use this new age form of virtual learning to stay on top of the latest in research for his patients.

Autor - Dr. med. Hero P. D. Schnitzler

I am Dr. Hero P. D. Schnitzler and founded the derma competence center in Zurich Enge in 2015, which I have been managing with heart, soul and professional competence ever since.

I am a member of various Swiss and international professional societies and a long-time lecturer for aesthetic laser medicine (D.A.L.M.) at the University of Greifswald, and for the Swiss skills program FMCH laser treatments of the skin.