dcc – detect, collect, compare

Recognize – Collect – Compare 

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derma competence center app: “dcc – detect collect compare”

The app (dcc – detect collect compare) is used to identify conspicuous birthmarks or skin spots (up to 15), locate them precisely on a body diagram, collect them, document them with photos and compare them over predefined periods of time. In addition, information and descriptions of each individual skin spot can be noted.

By choosing the reminder interval, the app reminds you to look at the skin patches again and create comparison photos. If you notice a difference between the older and newer images during the comparison (e.g. a change in the size or color of the skin patches), you have the option of contacting us directly via the app to make an appointment, or via a dermatological online portal to get advice. If you don’t see any differences when comparing the photos, you can set a new, longer-term interval.

You can also easily order our care products directly via the app and be informed about news in our practice.