The long pulse KTP- Laser (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate Laser) from Asclepion (QuadroStar+) has a specific pulse duration and a wavelength of 532 nm, which targets the hemoglobin pigment in red blood cells. The green light-energy emitted is absorbed by the pigment and converts into heat, resulting in a selective, gentle and permanent closure of the treated blood vessel.

Along with the integrated scanner application, it is especially effective in treating very fine blood vessels, for example, in the case of couperose, port-wine stains and cherry angiomas. Additionally, changes in connective tissue such as fibroids, warts und xanthelasma (fat deposits around the eyelids) can be removed without any scarring.

The treatment is relatively pain free, there is no downtime and patients can immediately return to their daily activities. Usually one to several sittings are necessary to achieve the desired results.

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