The Quanta Q-plus Laser® at the derma competence center in Zurich, offers the possibility to use various wave and pulse lengths. This provides for the best parameters to be selected for the desired targeted structure. The short impulse known as the Q-switch impulse makes it possible to remove tattoos and other pigmentations.

With a wavelength of 1064 nm, the laser is suitable for all dark colors and with a wavelength of 532 nm, for all reddish tones. You should, however, calculate several sittings with a minimum of four-week intervals. Layer by layer, the ink pigment is shattered. The pigment particles are absorbed by the body and eventually flushed away by the body’s immune system.

Using the long-pulse mode, blood pigment in the blood vessels is targeted. This setting allows the gentle removal of all troubling blood vessel disorders (couperose, spider veins, angiomas).

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Laser gegen Besenreisser Blutschwämchen Couperose Tattoo farbige