derma competence care (dcc) stands for the innovative care series that Dr. Hero Schnitzler developed in cooperation with a German cosmetics laboratory.

Within this care series, dcc (defend / cure / clarify) also stands for the three most important properties of good skin care.

Products from the defend line protect the skin and protect it from changes. Stands for skin protection. The products from this branch of the care series help your skin to defend itself against external (extrinsic) and internal (intrinsic) influences that promote skin aging.

Cure products help to improve existing skin changes. Stands for healing. In the products of this branch of the care series, long-established and useful ingredients are used that help to heal aging or damage to the skin that has already occurred.

Clarify cosmetics cleanse and clear the skin of all stressful influences. Stands for cleaning. For clarifying the skin in order to optimally cleanse it of all irritating substances of everyday life and to prepare it perfectly for the caring ingredients or protective mechanisms of the care series.