With the help of scientific measuring methods, the condition of skin and hair can be analyzed. This enables research on individual and customized recommendations for skin and haircare. Through individual probes various characteristics of the skin can be measured.

Measurement of skin hydration and oil content (sebum):
By measuring the hydration level and oil content the application of skincare products can be optimally tailored to your needs.

Hautanalyse Haaranalyse Kosmetische Hautpflege Beratung

Elasticity measurement:
By measuring the viscoelastic properties of the skin the biological age of the skin can be determined.

Melanin measurement:
The integrated melanin measuring probe determines pigmentation levels of the skin. From this measurement, the recommended SPF for sun exposure can be deduced as well as the parameters for the setting range for laser treatment.

This appliance has an integrated Visioscope® (skin camera) with a special UV light source. The camera provides detailed images of the skin’s surface, hair and scalp.

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