Book Release ‚MyWay (Typ I-VI)‘

Dr. med Hero P.D. Schnitzler, Dermatologist and Laser-Expert, with a practice for skin diseases and laser-medicine in Zurich Enge, has written a chapter in the textbook «MyWay (Typ I-VI) – Laser treatments for skin and mucous membranes close to the skin».

The book «MyWay (Typ I-VI) – Laser treatments for skin and mucous membranes close to the skin» was recently released and represents the basic reading for dermatologists and doctors from other disciplines who want to obtain the proficiency certificate for laser treatments in Switzerland.

Dermatologist Dr. med. Hero P.D. Schnitzler is proud to have contributed one of the biggest and most important chapters for obtaining the proficiency certificate for laser treatments.

The Book ‘MyWay (Typ I-VI)’

He wrote about the very common use of light energy to temporarily reduce hair growth, better known as laser depilation, laser epilation, laser hair removal or IPL.

In his chapter, Dr. Schnitzler goes into the historical and technical basics of body depilation and gives a well-founded impression of the existing depilation systems and their application.  At the end of his chapter, he gives his less experienced colleagues tips and tricks for depilation in daily practice.

He and his co-authors hope that with this book they have laid the foundation for obtaining the Swiss laser proficiency certificate, which will bring the theory and practice of laser medicine closer to colleagues and increase their enjoyment in practice, in order to achieve the best results for the patients.