Perfect Cosmetic Care

«cosmetic» range, in the cosmetic oriented area in the derma competence center in Zurich-Enge, we advise and treat your medical cosmetic needs.

Our trained and certified cosmetologists use all possible modern medical-grade cosmetics to nurture and therapy your skin.

Effective care and treatment of your skin are the main priorities.

For questions, clarity or problems, dermatology specialists are always at hand to assist with their knowledge, training and experience in medical cosmetology.

The Best for You and Your Skin:

We use only long standing, highly valued skin care products and when possible based on natural ingredients. Our inhouse products as well as our home skin care lines are harmonized with an exact analysis of your skin type. Cosmetic treatments are performed with the most effective and modern instruments.

The objective of our medical cosmetics is to pamper you and your skin to help regenerate, relieve and relax.

What we can do for you:

As with independent cosmetic studios and cosmetic institutes, you can take advantage of our cosmetic services independently from our medical care. Should it be necessary at any time, you can refer back to our medical specialists.

Cosmetic, appointments may also be made evenings and Saturdays. Make an appointment


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In the shop, the products are individually presented, described, and recommended based on the specific line and your skin type or main concern.

Have the skincare products delivered to your doorstep.

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