Perfect Cosmetic Care

«cosmetic» range, in the cosmetic oriented area in the derma competence center in Zurich-Enge, we advise and treat your medical cosmetic needs.

Our trained and certified cosmetologists use all possible modern medical-grade cosmetics to nurture and therapy your skin.

Effective care and treatment of your skin are the main priorities.

For questions, clarity or problems, dermatology specialists are always at hand to assist with their knowledge, training and experience in medical cosmetology.

The Best for You and Your Skin:

We use only long standing, highly valued skin care products and when possible based on natural ingredients. Our inhouse products as well as our home skin care lines are harmonized with an exact analysis of your skin type. Cosmetic treatments are performed with the most effective and modern instruments.

The objective of our medical cosmetics is to pamper you and your skin to help regenerate, relieve and relax.

What we can do for you:

As with independent cosmetic studios and cosmetic institutes, you can take advantage of our cosmetic services independently from our medical care. Should it be necessary at any time, you can refer back to our medical specialists.

Cosmetic, appointments may also be made evenings and Saturdays. Make an appointment

Here you will find an overview of the skincare and cosmetic lines, peeling substances and appliances used in our cosmetology department.

Aesthetico® Fruit acid peeling cream and skin care line
Gesichtspflege gute Kosmetika Kosmetik Produckt Hautpflege

For our aesthetic cosmetics at the derma competence center in Zurich Enge, peeling complexes based on fruit acid are selected for our patients. Aesthetico® fruit acid peeling is a natural exfoliant based on citric acid from among others, lemons, apples and tartaric acid. The intensity of the peeling depends on the concentration of the citric acid and the pH-balance. The peeling cure, depending on skin type, takes 12 treatments spaced at one to four-week intervals and is suitable for all skin types. The application is very safe and flexible since the peeling complex can be adjusted to individual skin types. Patient’s do not have to limit any activities. The result: stimulation of skin regeneration, removal of dead skin cells, dry skin patches, reduced dry and tough horny layer (stratum corneum), supple and even skin tone, increased collagen production and stabilization of the skin’s protective barrier.

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The roots of this traditional oriental method reach back for centuries. The unique snatural hair removal has practiced for decades. Skin-friendly waxes and resins are used. The unproblematic handling and the pure, natural ingredients speak for themselves. It is a gentle, soothing method to remove unwanted body hair and also suitable for more sensitive areas.

At the cosmetic institute, integrated into the derma competence center in Zurich Enge, our cosmetologist use this gentle method with great success. The technique is also an effective alternative when permanent hair removal by laser is not possible or desired.

Hair removal with waxing in the intimate or armpit area
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Filabé® Innovative Skin Care Wipes

Daily skin care plays an important and supportive roll in dermatological treatments. Whether for skin conditions such as impurities (pimples or blackheads), redness and irritations, pigmentation and age spots as well as for aesthetic treatments with lasers, neuromodulators, filler, thread lifting or after peelings, the right skin care is essential.

In such cases, we also recommend to our patients the innovative Swiss functional skincare from Filabé. These microfiber wipes are loaded with active ingredients for cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing the skin with zero additives. They restore and support the skin’s natural balance without leaving any oily residue.

Filabé offers six different products for individual skincare needs in the areas of prevention and repair. Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler and his cosmetologist-team will gladly consult you on which Filabé best suits your needs.

FilaBe Kosmetik  neu Schönheit Laser

Additionally, the microfiber wipes are cruelty-free, vegan and environmentally friendly: after use, the wipes may be returned to Filabé for recycling by using the in the pre-posted bag included with each package.

Filabé facial wipes can be obtained anytime at the derma competence center. Our dermatology practice also offers a special discount code to our patients, which you can use to order products directly on the Filabé website.

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La Roche-Posay® Skin-care Line

Due to the optimal composition and soothing texture of these products, here at the derma competence center, in Zurich Enge, we offer La Roche-Posey as our standard skincare line. This skincare brand is uniquely based on hydrating thermal spring water, preservative free and fragrance free. For every skin type and for every skin problem there is an optimal product. La Roche-Posey sunscreens have also long since been regarded as TOP and for which there is as well, different sunscreens for different needs.

The commitment from La Roche-Posey for the protection of oceanwaters is also commendable. For many years, through intensive research they have developed and advanced their products to ensure that they do not have any negative influence on the oceanic ecosystem, adding to their reputation as pioneers of the industry.

The skincare and sunscreen for children are also especially good.

For various laser treatments La Roche-Posay’s Cicaplast is our standard after-care cream. This product combines wound healing components with UV protection.

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Multi Dermascope® MDS800, Skin Analysis

With the help of scientific measuring methods, the condition of skin and hair can be analyzed. This enables research on individual and customized recommendations for skin and haircare. Through individual probes various characteristics of the skin can be measured.

Measurement of skin hydration and oil content (sebum):
By measuring the hydration level and oil content the application of skincare products can be optimally tailored to your needs.

Hautanalyse Haaranalyse Kosmetische Hautpflege Beratung

Elasticity measurement:
By measuring the viscoelastic properties of the skin the biological age of the skin can be determined.

Melanin measurement:
The integrated melanin measuring probe determines pigmentation levels of the skin. From this measurement, the recommended SPF for sun exposure can be deduced as well as the parameters for the setting range for laser treatment.

This appliance has an integrated Visioscope® (skin camera) with a special UV light source. The camera provides detailed images of the skin’s surface, hair and scalp.

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SkinCeuticals® Advanced Skincare

In order to maintain and improve skin health, an effective skincare regime should be based on three pillars: Prevent, Protect, Correct. The philosophy of SkinCeuticals® is based on these principles: To prevent future damage, to protect the skin and correct damage that has already occurred. SkinCeuticals develops advanced skincare products backed by the highest scientific standards.

We stand by this philosophy as well, at derma competence center in Zurich Enge and therefore offer the simply formulated, based on natural ingredients and very effective skincare line from SkinCeuticals®.We also use these highest quality products in our integrated cosmetic institute under the direction of dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler. The interchangeable system provides the perfect skincare regime for every skin type and every skin concern.

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TDA – Transdermal Application from SEYO

TDA – Technology stands for Transdermal Application. This pertains to an innovative technology of one of the latest, non-invasive, regenerating treatment systems.

The excellent effect is due to the carrier substance LP3 exclusively developed by SEYO and enriched with specific active substances. The carrier substance is combined in the TDA-applicator with active substances, for example, hyaluronic acid complexes, nail hardening agents and hair growth stimulators and then activated with pure oxygen to form micro-units. At a defined distance, these are applied to the skin at ultrasound speed. The micro-units break through the skin’s barrier and open up the top skin layer (stratum corneum). This enables the active substances to pass through the corneum and penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, the dermis.

In contrast to conventional application techniques, for example, Hydrafacial® or Aquajet Peel®, the result is not a saturating “fullness-effect” resulting from water as a carrier substance. Rather, the result is a true effect of the active complexes.

The treatment is absolutely pain free and the patient experiences no side-effects. Daily activities may be resumed directly after treatment with the desired instant-effect.

More information on the exact technique and the active substances is specifically described by SEYO on their homepage:

Scientific studies by the manufacturer:

(publicized on the homepage:

  • Oxygen supply – with SEYO TDA + 62% Oxygen-supply and reduction of free radicals by 85%
  • Opening of the epidermis – with SEYO TDA + 65%
  • Improved skin appearance – with SEYO TDA:
    +   54 % forehead
    + 132 % mouth angle
    + 166 % eye angle
    +   60 % moisture of the skin
  • Transport depth – with SEYO TDA – 6-fold compared to standard
TDA – transdermale Applikation von SEYO
V-Sonic® Vital Wave-Ultrasound Therapy

V-Sonic® offers the possibility by means of ultrasound and vital frequencies for specifically tailored active ingredients or active ingredient combinations to permeate precisely to where they are needed.

These frequency waves, like a warm massage, help to increase the flow of fluids in the treated skin tissue. Through the increased circulation the active ingredients penetrate the treatment area where they have their greatest impact.

Several sittings are necessary to achieve the desired results. Not only does the skin profit from this treatment, it is also possible to improve connective tissue and relieve joint problems.

Patients have no downtime after this therapy.

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Ultraschall Behandlung - Haut-HiFu fokusierter Wirkstoffe einschleusen
Lash Lifting

For our patients who are not satisfied with their eyelashes, have no desire for fake lashes or have little success with mascaras and lash curlers, the cosmetic department of the derma competence center offers the possibility for you to have long, voluminous eyelashes.

Lash Lifting is the solution.

The treatment takes about 45 minutes and the results hold for usually 6-8 weeks.

Aesthetico Pflegeserie - kosmetische

This is how Lash Lifting works:

  1. The skin around the eye is cleaned to remove oils and other residue.
  2. Then a protective pad is affixed to the lower eyelid.
  3. The eyelashes are combed for separation and any cakiness.
  4. A second silicone pad is adhered to the upper lid. Different sized pads allow for the desired turn of the lashes.
  5. The lashes are then fixed to the silicone pad.
  6. Lifting Lotion is applied to the lashes and left to work in.
  7. After a few minutes the lashes are then released from the pad.
  8. At this point the lashes can be dyed for a more dramatic effect.
  9. After the lifting, a moisturizing conditioner is applied to the lashes. Lash care is recommended for longer lasting results.

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