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Derma Update 2019

Dermatologist Further Education in Berlin

This year’s Derma UpDate, held for the 13th time, is one of the most important educational seminars for established dermatologist in German speaking countries.

Over 2.100 participants attended both dermatology seminars in Mainz and Berlin. Dr. Schnitzler, with his practice for skin disorders, the derma competence center in Zurich Enge, was able to take part in Berlin at this high-profile Further Education Seminar.

The concept of this innovative educational program also applies to other areas of specialization, for example, allergist.

The goal is to bring participating dermatologists closer to all important and valuable research results, therapy innovations and guidelines of treatment for skin disorders over the past year; compact and bundled together in 2 days.

The event stands by a good and sensible concept. For every topic of skin disorder, there were lectures from leading doctors, specialized in their respective fields. As absolute specialists, they shared with the audience, the most important filtered content in their area of specialization.

This year there were lectures on:

Atopy & Eczema Diseases: This are conditions such as scalp, hand and foot eczema, neurodermatitis, seborrheic eczema.

Psoriasis: This presentation covered psoriasis regarding the latest therapies.

Genodermatoses: Genetic skin disorders are gaining more and more importance which, was the main emphasis in this presentation.

Dermatosurgery: The best tips and tricks for removal of benign and malignant lesions of the skin.

Mycology and Parasitology: Skin, nail and foot fungus as well as acrodermatitis (scabies) and the different treatment strategies were discussed in depth.

STD & Viral Diseases: Currently, the number of sexually transmitted diseases is on the rise. For this reason, it is increasingly important for dermatologists to be up-to-date and prepared to treat these cases.

Allergology: Allergies are strongly related to skin disorders, especially with regards to eczema. New allergens (triggering substances) are constantly evident.

Pigment Disorders: White patches (Vitiligo) but also other pigment changes are very concerning to patients. A good and early diagnosis is extremely helpful.

Prescriptions, Acne / Rosacea: Here in particular, medications that are not available in every pharmacy as over-the-counter, were discussed.

Non Melanoma Skin Cancer and Melanomas: The absolute newest in treatment of melanoma, squamous and basal cell carcinomas and their stages of development.

This all-encompassing and to the point program, offered all participating dermatologists, and so Dr. Schnitzler with his practice in Zürich Enge, the possibility to receive vast amounts of information within a very short time, in order to optimize their patient care.