Double Recertification for Dermatologist Dr. med. H. Schnitzler 

Certification as laser specialist and in tropical and travel dermatology.

Dermatologist Dr. Hero Schnitzler in Zurich Enge was recertified in 2022 by the Foederatio Medicorum Chirurgicorum Helvetica for all laser treatments and by the German Dermatological Academy (DDA) for tropical and Travel dermatology.

The FMCH certificate confirms the extraordinary experience and skill of laser specialist Dr. Schnitzler. He is licensed to treat patients with different problems correctly and successfully with different lasers. The certificate verifies the dermatologist treatment skills in the individual areas sustained by various certificates of expertise.

Laser treatments on the skin and mucous membranes are divided into 6 categories. Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler received the certificate of ability in all categories:

  • Type I, laser treatment of the skin and oral mucosa with cutting or ablative (removing) lasers: This includes the removal of benign skin changes on the entire body, such as age warts, warts, xanthelasma and much more.
  • Type II, laser treatment of the anogenital skin and mucous membrane and the adjacent regions with cutting or ablative (removing) lasers: This includes, for example, laser therapy for genital warts or other skin changes in the genital area.
  • Type III «Skin Resurfacing» and scar therapy: These are laser treatments for collagen formation, wrinkle treatment and skin rejuvenation but also laser treatments that significantly improve the appearance of scars such as surgical and acne scars.
  • Type IV, laser treatment of vascular skin changes: This includes, for example, the laser treatment of spider veins, angiomas, hemangiomas, blood vessels on the face and especially the treatment of couperose.
  • Type V.1, laser treatment of pigmented skin changes: This certificate of competence is reserved for dermatologists. This primarily concerns the successful laser treatment of age spots and melasma.
  • Type V.2, laser treatment of tattoos and other external pigmentations: For example, unwanted tattoos, discoloration of the skin after failed iron infusions or particles injected into the skin resulting from accidents.
  • Type VI, laser treatment for permanent hair reduction: These are laser treatments, also known as laser hair removal, laser depilation, etc., that permanently remove unwanted hair.

In addition, Dr. Hero Schnitzler is still authorized by the FMCH to act as Education Instructor for all laser competency certificates.

The certification as a Tropical and Travel Dermatologist certifies Zurich dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler’s skills in this medical field. This includes advising patients who want to travel to distant countries and tropical regions. However, it also certifies the ability to diagnose and treat rarer skin diseases originating in distant countries and the associated climatic conditions.