Dr. Schnitzler Gains Certification for Travel and Tropical Dermatology (DDA):GB Version

Tropical and travel-related skin problems are those that are specific to certain climate zones such as the tropics, sub-tropics and the arctic.  The dramatic increase in travel and international migration has resulted in dermatologists in the industrial world being increasingly confronted with skin problems associated with the tropics and travel. By completing an extensive and intensive seminar course, and conducting clinics in tropical countries over a number of years, Dr. Schnitzler officially qualified as a certified practitioner for travel and tropical dermatology at the end of 2014.  This certification, granted by the German Dermatological Academy, confirms the outstanding knowledge and competence of the recipient to treat dermatological issues associated with travel to the tropics, and to give the best possible preventative advice when travelling to difficult climate zones to help avoid dermatological issues. Further information can be found at: www.tropendermatologie.de (in German only).