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Everything for the skin at the derma competence center – dermatologist, laser, aesthetic Zurich Enge

The motto of derma competence Center founder Dr. med. Schnitzler is (skin doctor Zurich Enge): Healthy skin is beautiful, beautiful skin is cared for, cared for skin is heathy! The practice provides a comprehensive treatment spectrum, all for a healthy, beautiful and well cared skin. The offer includes medical as well as aesthetic dermatological treatments. The range of services has been expanded by laser medicine and medical cosmetics.

Dermatologist in the center of Zurich Enge

“First, we were able to help a lot of existing patients. In addition, many new patients have benefited from the extended range of services. As a practice in the inner city of Zurich, right in Zurich Enge, we have been able to help many patients in aesthetic dermatology to achieve a higher quality of life. ” Concludes Dr. med. Hero Schnitzler 18 months after the founding of the derma competence center in Zurich Enge.  

Everything for a healthy, beautiful and neat skin – derma competence center

The offer was clearly arranged and supplemented by new services. Medical – for healthy skin Dr. Hero Schnitzler and Dr. Thiessen-Wenger are long-standing specialists for skin and sexual diseases, allergy and laser medicine. In all medical questions, they assist patients with their experience and certified comprehensive supplementary training. The medical services are usually taken over by all health insurance companies. More about therapies and treatment methods: medical Aesthetic – for beautiful skin Thanks to many years of experience and training, we can advise you competently in any aesthetic questions. Therapeutic possibilities are offered, which have proven themselves, are gentle and successful. Laser, Injection of an neuromodulator Hyaluron Filler, Carboxytherapie, Vampire lift are just some examples. More on therapies and treatment methods: aesthetic Cosmetic – for well-groomed skin A well-founded care and cosmetics adapted to the skin type forms the basic framework for healthy and beautiful female and male skin. But most of the customers benefit from the training and experience of the team. The aim is to offer a perfect individual cosmetic care program. More about treatments and treatments: cosmetic In addition, patients and customers at the derma competence center will find a comprehensive range for healthy, beautiful and well-groomed skin under one roof. The Praxisteam speaks the following languages: German, French, Italian, English, Serbo-Croatian, Russian and Arabic. It is at your disposal during the consultation hours and treatments. After all, the good cooperation and many years of experience are characterized by our praxis staff. The derma competence center – dermatologist Zurich Enge – is located in the center of the city in Bodmerstrasse 4. Please also note our special offers about which we regularly inform.