Eyelid lifting without surgery with the new plasma technology at the derma competence center Zurich Enge

Plasmage® is a new technology. Designed for precise, gentle and efficient eyelid lifting  and treatment wrinkles (especially on the upper lip) and removal of benign lesions such as Xantelasmata. The great advantage of this Plasmage® treatment lies in the fact that the treatment with Plasmage® requires no incision. There is no blood flow, sutures are unnecessary and no scarring. It is even so painless that no local anesthesia is required; a short exposure time of an anesthetic cream is enough. The excess tissue, which forms the upper eye lid or wrinkles, is controlled treated punctually by the skin doctor with the plasma energy. This leads to a gently tightened. Surrounding or deeper tissue is not affected. The results are immediately visible and the side effects, e.g. swelling are seldom. The traces of the treatment disappear completely after a few days. There is only minimal downtime for the patient. Even the typical sore pain after an intervention does not exist. So the daily life is hardly affected. This modern and contemporary treatment belongs to the gentle methods of aesthetic medicine. The desired result is achieved after one treatment and has not to be repeated. The result is stable and persistent. The effect is not as after a neuromodulator or “Filler” therapy were the result is after certain period suddenly gone. The natural aging process of the skin is not influenced and there is no overcorrection, which can occur after operative eyelid corrections (blepharoplastics). The treatment results are very natural, overcorrections or dangerous operations are a thing of the past. A clearer look without looseness, a tighter, skin with less wrinkles is the convincing result of the Plasmage® treatment. Since the Plasmage® treatment is not an operative procedure, it does not require anesthesia and an operating room, it is much cheaper than the invasive methods used so far. Your dermatologist and expert in aesthetic medicine and laser therapy Dr. Hero Schnitzler has been intensively trained in the last few months and has already been involved in many of these treatments. He has already successfully treated many patients at workshops and in his practice. He is pleased to be able to offer this innovative and safe process at the derma competence center in Zurich. It expands the spectrum of minimally invasive treatments such as lasers and aesthetic treatments.   What is a Plasmage® treatment?
  • In a first detailed discussion, your doctor will discuss with you your goals, ideas and exact price in order to agree with you a realistic result of the PLASMAGE® treatment.
  • Since the Plasmage® treatments are carried out on an outpatient basis, it is sufficient to apply a well-effective anesthetic cream.
  • The treatment is as good as pain free, also a subsequent wound pain is not to be expected. The treated areas are disinfected and cooled for a few minutes. In the next days it comes to a light crusting, which heals naturally after about 3-5 days.
  • For 2-3 days, mild to moderate swelling may occur.
  • For an optimal result and to avoid sun damage, we recommend using a strong sun protection with light protection factor 50 for 8 weeks wearing sunglasses, hats or caps.