Facial- hyper- hydration

Like a summer rain for your skin.

Especially the summer strains the skin very much. The high UV intensities that your skin is exposed to, heavy sweating and the application and removal of sun creams results in increased moisture loss of the skin. Treat your skin to a “moisturizing boost” of a very special kind with Facial Hyper Hydration in the integrated beauty salon of the derma competene center in Zurich Enge under the direction of dermatologist Dr. med. Hero Schnitzler. A special gentle hydrating moisturizing mask is applied to the skin areas to be treated. Subsequently, the pores of the skin are opened by means of a specialized ultrasound procedure and the calming, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin and can unfold their beneficial effects there. This facial acts like a summer rain for your skin. Experience the fantastic regeneration of your stressed summer skin. The decollete and the neck also benefit from this special technique and can usually make good use of the “moisture boost”, as these areas of the skin are also exposed to the special environmental influences in summer. This fantastic invigorating procedure can be applied up to every 2 weeks, costs CHF 150 for the face, CHF 200 for the neck and face, and CHF 250 for neck and face and the décolleté and can be perfectly combined with other medical-ethereal therapies such as radiofrequency,injection of a neuromodulator or Fillers  to achieve an even better skin appearance and wrinkle reduction. Treat your skin to a summer rain.