Laser training – DALM 2021

Learning lasering in the smallest of circles!

Due to continuing restrictions related to the Corona-Pandemic, the curriculum of the DALM (Diploma for Aesthetic Laser Medicine) also had to be modified. In his function as lecturer for the University of Greifswald for this study, Dr. Schnitzler therefore held individual in-person instruction, day for day in his dermatology and laser practice in Zurich Enge.

This year’s laser training courses took place in the form of internship days.

Together with his colleagues, laser expert Dr. Schnitzer not only deepened the basic knowledge of laser physics but was also able to demonstrate on patients how he performs frequently requested laser treatments.

Expertise and experience were exchanged helpful for:

  • Age spot and age wart removal with lasers
  • Laser removal of tattoos
  • Successful permanent hair removal with laser
  • Facilitate removal of spider veins and broken blood vessels on the face
  • Achieving effective wrinkle treatment and skin tightening with laser

In addition to laser treatments, other aesthetic treatments such as thread and vampire lifting, cellulite treatment, wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid filler and neuromodulator treatment, as well as high intensity ultrasound (Hifu) for skin tightening and much more was discussed between colleagues.

The intensive professional exchange with Dr. Schnitzler resonated with the participating dermatologists. Dr. Schnitzler as well benefited from the experience of the participating doctors for his daily practice as a dermatologist.