Laser treatment for age spots, wrinkle therapy and tattoo removal in the combination with neuromodulators, fillers, radiofrequency and their alternatives in the aesthetic Medicine. A training course for certification in aesthetic laser medicine for dermatologists at the derma competence center in Zurich-Enge.

This year’s further education for skin doctors seeking their Diploma in Aesthetic Laser Medicine, organized by Dr. med Hero Schnitzler, was a great success. The main topic, which focused on laser therapy for different aesthetic problems and their alternatives, was intensified with lectures and hands-on experience with participating patients. Dermatologist, Dr. med. Hero Schnitzler, performed live demonstrations of tattoo removal, age spot treatment, therapy for couperose, spider veins, stretch marks and annoying age warts. Additionally, permanent laser hair removal was demonstrated on the aesthetic model and the differences to IPL hair removal were discussed. The diverse approaches to an effective therapy for cellulite which have been developed were integrated and according to all the experts, the carboxytherapy at the derma competence center, belongs to one of the best and most effective treatments. Even for the experienced dermatologist and laser doctor, the informational exchange among peers, in such a further education course in laser medicine is invaluable. Various treatment approaches in aesthetic medicine were reviewed in-depth. The laser, in combination with other aesthetic procedures such as Plasmage, Platelet Rich Plasma (Vampire-Lift), Carboxy Therapy, Radiofrequency, Anti-Fat Injection and the use of hyaluronic acid fillers, offer many benefits for patients. Additionally, the application of a neuromodulator, combined with a laser therapy for wrinkle reduction, offers a synergetic effect. When both possibilities are combined, the results are finer and more natural-looking than when only a single skin rejuvenation technique is applied. The improvement and rejuvenation of the overall appearance is much more satisfying to the patient and to the treating dermatologist as well. In aesthetic medicine, there are many alternatives to laser therapy. Supplementing laser medicine with further medical measures is extremely worthwhile. If the skin change cannot be determined as hundred percent benign, proof can be found through an analysis of sample tissue and then afterwards, a laser therapy recommended. If acne is being treated first medically or improves with special medical peelings, after the healing process, the acne scars should be lasered and thereby, become barely visible. Spider veins can be lasered and alternatively treated by injecting a special sclerosing agent into the vein with ultra-fine needles: the vein collapses and then fades over time. Sclerosis therapy is usually less painful and less expensive than laser therapy. With all anti-aging measures, as with most aesthetic treatments; laser, neuromodulators, fillers, and for many skin diseases such as acne or eczema, an accompanying cosmetic care by an experienced medical cosmetologist, as offered by the derma competence center in Zurich-Enge facilitates faster and better results for the patient. As a conclusion to this laser focused further educational training (Dies academicus), it remains that a complementary combination of different treatment options, is the basis for an effective “anti-aging” “anti-wrinkle” aesthetic therapy.