«medical» range: in the medical oriented area of the derma competence center in Zurich-Enge, we, as dermatology specialists, care for your dermatological needs for all disorders of the skin, hair and nails.

Our primary focus is the health of your skin.

As venereologists, we help you with sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) and as Allergists, we help you with all skin disorders and problems triggered from allergies.

Furthermore, with our additional certified training in travel-associated and tropical dermatology, as well as medically indicated laser therapies (for example, port wine stains), we can advise and offer treatment.

Here you will find an overview of frequently completed treatments and the corresponding equipment used for the procedures:

Summed up, we off professional competence in the areas of

  • Skin disorders (Dermatology)
  • Venereal diseases (Venerology)
  • Travel-Associated & Tropical dermatology (additional training certification)
  • Laser therapies (medically indicated application)
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Good Diagnosis and Modern Therapy:

The modern and scientifically confirmed methods and appliances with which we diagnose and treat skin conditions, allow us to provide the best possible, fast and state-of-the-art diagnosis and the latest in effective therapy for our patients.

In our certified in-house laboratory, we provide quick and cost-effective lab results and in cooperation with one of the most renowned laboratories in Switzerland, comprehensive blood tests and other tissue analysis of all kinds, allergological, bacterial, hematologic, are quickly and efficiently processed.

Regulated Reimbursement:

The costs of medically indicated services are billed over TarMed and remunerated from your medical or supplementary insurance. We invoice your insurance provider directly to save you the burden. Make an appointment!

Here you will find an overview of frequently completed treatments and the corresponding equipment used for the procedure.

Acne Treatment with Sebacia®
Sebacia - Akne Behandlung - Laser gegen Pickel

This new and successful treatment for teen and adult acne is now available at the derma competence center. Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler is one of the first dermatologist in Zurich Enge, to offer this therapy. Sebacia has been available since years with great success throughout Europe. The acne pustules on the afflicted skin are penetrated with a special solution containing gold microparticles. The gold microparticles are gently massaged into the skin and work their way into the oil producing sebaceous glands. Once the microparticles have been absorbed, they are heated with a diode laser. The heating effect causes the sebum glands to shrink: the acne is treated at the root cause, the sebaceous glands. It only takes three painless treatments to see significant improvement and reduction of acne that lasts for month.

Digital Dermoscopy – Computer supported birthmark checks
Birth Control Skin Cancer Skin Examination - Dr. Schnitzler Zurich-Enge

Ultra-HD-Video-dermatoscope with a 5 Megapixel-Camera. Your dermatologist in Zurich Enge uses this technology for example, for birthmark or general skin checks. It allows us to generate an exact cartography of the skin lesion on the patient’s body as well as a digital microscopic polarized light image comparison of the individual lesions.

From this, the smallest changes in for example, birthmarks, can be detected and compared. This system, with additional software, also makes it possible to further differentiate suspect lesions from malignant or benign.

More information at: www.dermoscan.de

Cryotherapy – Ice Therapy
warts freezing - Icing - Discontinue cryo treatment

At the derma competence center, the dermatology practice in Zurich Enge, cryotherapy is carried out using the Cryosuccess®-Liquid Freezing-System. This is an effective treatment for dermatological disorders such as warts and actinic keratosis, among many others. The cryo-appliance works on the basis of cold expansion. Whereby, liquid N20 (nitrous oxide) is released from a micro-capsule directly onto the treatment area at a constant working temperature of -89°C. With this precise cryosurgery, no healthy or supporting structures are destroyed. The cosmetic results are very good with no bleeding and practically no scarring. Since it is generally found to be relatively painless, this is also performed on children and sensitive patients without anesthetic.

More information at: www.ump.ag

Laboratory Tests – Skin and Blood-material Analysis
Microscopy practice laboratory skin, nail fungus & fungus examination and hair analysis

Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler has the additional special training, which qualifies him to be able to carry out many laboratory tests, especially with regards to fungus disorders, directly in the derma competence center in Zurich Enge. This is possible through the microscopy laboratory firmly integrated in our dermatology practice.

For all other continuing tests, we work closely together with Medica Labor in Zurich. After consultation in the derma competence center, should the blood test not take place in our practice, the patient can freely make an appointment with Medica Labor. We send the order for which tests are required immediately after the consultation. Likewise, the test results are sent immediately to us. This expedited receipt of test results enables us to act quickly.

More information at: www.medica-labor.ch

LED-Dermastoscopy – Incident light microscopy examination
Skin cancer - birthmark control - skin check

The dermatologists at derma competence center perform Dermatoscopic (Microscopic Skin Analysis) using the HEINE® Precision Optic. This high quality achromatic optical system provides sharp, pin-point images of suspect skin lesions. With the focusing system a 10 to 16 times magnification can be achieved. For a detailed view of even the smallest of structures, the new LED lighting provides an absolute homogeneous and bright light with true-color resolution for every examination situation. This diagnostic method is a standard procedure with every skin check and birthmark control in Zurich Enge.

More information at: www.heine.com

Photodynamic Therapy – Therapy non-melanoma skin cancer
Skin cancer treatment - photodynamic therapy

At the derma competence center, Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler administers photodynamic therapy standardized with the drug Metvix® cream and the Aktilite® LED lamp from Galderma®. This treatment is especially effective in treating non-melanoma skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) and its preliminary stages (actinic keratosis, Bowen’s disease) on the face and scalp. This is a standardized procedure to achieve the best possible therapeutic result and to almost completely exclude the risk of side effects. The therapy is also conducted with an additional air-cooling device, which makes the treatment more tolerable. Most patients consider the procedure to be uncomfortable but not painful.

More information at: www.galderma.de

Skin Surgery – Removal of changes in the skin
Skin surgery - skin cancer removal - skin surgery birthmark removal

Skin surgery entails the removal of non- and cancerous or just disturbing changes in the skin. Such interventions are performed in Zurich Enge, by dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler and dermatologist Dr. von Thiessen in our surgical intervention room, specially equipped for such procedures. The techniques used naturally vary depending on the structure of the lesion to be removed and mostly carried out under local anesthetic. There is an in-depth consultation before the intervention and after care, removal of sutures if necessary, is discussed in detail with the patient in advance.

UV-Therapy: Light Therapy
Light treatment - light therapy UV therapy - psoriasis - neurodermatitis - sun allergy - acne

For treatment of inflammatory skin disorders, we offer our patients light or UV therapy with the Walmann UV 1000 full-body unit at the derma competence center. The unit emits only UV light with a very specific wavelength. This wavelength is a highly effective treatment for chronically recurring inflammatory skin disorders (acne, eczema, white spot disease or vitiligo and psoriasis). Treatments can be taken several times a week. Initially, treatment begins with a reduced exposure time and then based on the response of the patient, exposure time is increased accordingly.

More information at: www.waldmann.com