Blister beetle extract naturally helps against mollusc warts - new therapy for mollusc warts

Molluscum Warts – new therapy from abroad, now available in Zurich Enge

Molluscum contagiosum (also known as water warts) are very common in children. They sometimes multiply very quickly and are often very resistant to the therapies available to date.

Molluscum warts are filled with a gel-like substance, have a dented hemispherical shape, and usually lie in clusters in the skin folds or in the crooks of arms and legs. Water warts are a harmless viral infection of the skin and can heal on their own. However, this can sometimes take years.

So far, the patients of dermatologists such as the derma competence center in Zurich Enge have been offered the independent and daily use solutions containing potassium hydroxide (Molusk®, Infectodell®,). As an alternative, there was still a mostly painless, sometimes scarring removal (curettage) of individual molluscum after prior anesthesia with local anesthetic cream.

As a new treatment method from Canada and the USA, dermatologist Dr. Hero Schnitzler and his colleagues in the dermatology practice in Zurich Enge now have treatment with Cantharidin (Canthacur®,) at their disposal. – Cantharidin is a natural substance from the blister beetle.

Upon contact, this leads to superficial blistering of the skin.

The treatment may only be carried out by dermatologists or their medical staff. A very small amount of the Cantharidin solution is applied to the top of each lesion with a pointed wooden pick and allowed to dry. A bandage can be applied.

Blister beetle extract naturally helps against warts. New therapy to treat molluscum warts.

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Blister beetle extract naturally helps against warts. New therapy to treat molluscum warts.

A blistering under the wart is the desired result. It usually appears within about 24 hours and crusts over in about two to four days. You may experience mild itching or temporary hypopigmentation (whitish discoloration of the skin). Most molluscum warts heal after one session. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after 4 weeks.