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New Website of derma competence center

New Year, new Website, consistent competence for your skin’s health.

Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler, with his team and his new internet partner, nordhelp IT, has designed a new website for his patients.

This allows easier navigation and faster information for our patients on the available services in the individual areas of the dermatology practice in District 2, Zurich.

As well, the digital Online-Appointment scheduling has been simplified.

Which modernizations have been made for the individual areas:

Medical Area:

Information on the medical area, such as pre and aftercare of skin cancer, birthmark examinations, therapy for eczema, psoriasis, hair and nail disorders, is more comprehensive. This gives you, our patient, a more in depth insight into the examinations and treatments we offer with the respective necessary modern diagnosis.

Aesthetic Area:

More visual material gives our patients a better overview of the various treatments and their potential, for example, laser therapy, treatments with a neuromodulator, fillers for wrinkle therapy, thread lifting and all other aesthetic treatments.

Cosmetic Area:

On the cosmetic page of our new website, patients can get a quick look into the effects of the established, as well as the latest in cosmetic treatments. Here of particular interest, is «Sebacia», the new therapy for acne, and treatments with the active substances of Transdermal Application (TDA).

The entire new Website and ease of navigation, sets a new bar for medical information sites. The detailed visual material gives a totally new insight and the direct links offer our patients the possibility to quickly look into comprehensive details of the offered services and treatments for skin disorders as well as questions on aesthetics, for example wrinkle therapy.

 List of lasers and appliances:

In addition, the list of lasers and appliances used in the medical, aesthetic and cosmetic areas has been revised. The visitor can quickly get an overview of our current medical, diagnostical and therapy appliances, lasers, as well as the cosmetic treatment appliances.

Of course, there are still small gaps to be filled and flaws to be fixed. Nevertheless, dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler, is excited to present his new website of his dermatology practice in the center of Zurich, to his patients.