Laser depilation

NOW NEW – Additional laser for permanent depilation in the laser practice

Dermatologist and laser physician Dr. Schnitzler is now using an additional hair removal laser in the laser aesthetics sector of his dermatological practice in Zurich Enge.

The system, which is based on diode laser technology, enables Dr. Schnitzler and his team, even gentler, less painful, faster and lower-cost depilation of larger surface areas of the body.

It complements the two laser hair removal systems in the laser center and like these, is considered to be the best and most successful, i.e. the gold standard of laser medicine, for permanent hair removal.

This additional diode laser is a product of the renowned and experienced German laser manufacturer Asclepion, ( and offers the patient a reliable and successful way to depilate larger areas of the body, such as the back or entire legs, at an attractive price.

Mediostar - diode laser - laser hair removal - permanent hair removal

The Asclepion MedioStar TX, as well as the two other depilation lasers, work with a wavelength that is precisely tuned to the target, namely the hair root. Whereby, and with a pulse duration calculated exactly to the target and skin type of the patient, the hair root is precisely approached and destroyed.

In contrast to IPL or SHR depilation, the skin is not exposed to additional unnecessary wavelengths. And, the undesirable side effects, which can result from undue, ineffective wavelengths can be reduced.

The other systems used to date for permanent depilation, due to their good results and patient satisfaction, will of course continue to be utilized by Dr. Schnitzler in Zurich Enge. This new diode laser system in the derma competence center, is the perfect addition to the success concept against unwanted hair.

The treatments offered by dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler who is specialized in laser medicine, and for which he is also an educator, cover the entire aesthetic field; hyaluronic fillers, thread lift, vampire lift with PRP, peeling, age spots removal, spider vein removal, fat-burn injections and carboxy therapy for cellulite. This additional newly acquired laser expands the services of the derma competence center for its satisfied patients now also for depilation of larger areas of the body.