Dr. Hero Schnitzler has once again been awarded by MOOCI!

Dr. Hero Schnitzler was awarded the MOOCI seal of quality for the second time. Also in 2018 Dr. Hero Schnitzler, dermatologist and head of the derma competence center, dermatologist practice and center for aesthetic treatments in Zurich Enge, awarded by MOOCI! MOOCI is the first digital authority for quality, offering patients access to qualified physicians and audited information in the fields of plastic surgery, dermatology and aesthetic medicine. At MOOCI, physicians are objectively screened through a two-step process by an independent panel of medical and legal experts. In addition to the current admission as a physician and an examination of the liability and damage claims, the Advisory Board examines, among other things, whether the doctor has a high number of cases of surgery, regularly participates in further education and if he is a member of a leading national or international professional society. If all criteria are met, the doctor can be admitted to the MOOCI network. Thus, patients can be guaranteed that the doctors are qualified for the treatment of the individual medical problem. We are therefore particularly pleased that Dr., Hero Schnitzler, after receiving his award in 2017, has again received the MOOCI quality certificate this year. He received the quality certificate, in particular for his highly qualified knowledge and skills for aesthetic treatments, such as Laser therapies (hair, tattoo and vessel removal), neuromodulation therapies, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction with hyaluron fillers, radiofrequency, PRP therapy (vampire lift) as well as fat pad reduction and upper eyelid tightening with plasma (plasma therapy).