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Annual participation in National Swiss Skin Cancer Campaign 14.-18. May 2018

Every third person develops skin cancer in the course of their life. When skin cancer is detected and removed at an early stage, most patients can be cured.


Experts agree:

The early detection of skin cancer is crucial and can save lives.


Many dermatologists in Switzerland offer free initial examinations of conspicuous birthmarks during the National Dermatology Campaign from May 14-18, 2018.


This year, the derma competence center will be participating for two days in the National Swiss Skin Cancer Campaign. We invite you to come to Zurich and show Dr. med. Hero Schnitzler any suspicious moles or birthmarks which you may have noticed. As an experienced dermatologist in Zurich Enge, Dr. Schnitzler will gladly assess the area in question and give you his recommendation. Please note, due to time constraints, an examination of the entire skin surface is not possible, only isolated birthmarks can be assessed.


Sign up for the early detection of skin cancer!


The early detection of skin cancer is crucial and can save lives!


Dr. Schnitzler, a highly-experienced dermatologist, will advise you in the case of abnormalities, how you should proceed, which measures would be necessary and how you can best be helped.

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