Spring is here, hay fever, too!

Are they fed up? Best weather, but you can not enjoy it, because the nose runs, the Halz scratches and the eyes tear? The hay fever, hay fever, polynose or even allergic rhinitis is the most common allergy in humans.

The allergy disease usually begins in the early childhood and leads to a decay of life quality. It is the typical symptoms mentioned above, which can even go so far that the affected persons can only be kept in closed rooms. Through the continuous further education in the field of allergology and the attendant visit of Dr. Schnitzler at the Alergo Up Date Congress in Berlin, we offer you all the possibilities of allergy prevention and treatment that are now available. We can help you. At the derma competence center Zurich Enge, we can alleviate your symptoms with state-of-the-art therapies and medicines. A well-founded allergy diagnosis allows us to make predictions about your illness and to explain with you the possibility and success of a therapy as well as a hypo- / desesensiblisation or allergy vaccination. In any case, we will help you to enjoy the summer again in its most beautiful form, outdoors