TDA TRANSDERMALE APPLIKATION – HydraFacial - innovatives Behandlungssystem

TDA TRANSDERMAL APPLICATION – „HydraFacial®“ was yesterday! New innovative Treatment System, at dermatologist Dr. Hero Schnitzler in Zürich Enge.

The needle-free method for skin regeneration, lasting improvement of skin structure and support of the healing of skin conditions, hair loss and brittle nails. TDA- Technology stands for transdermal application, the key to vital skin cells and thus to beautiful, healthier skin and faster healing of skin diseases. For a long time, only invasive methods or high-pressure water (such as HydraFacial®) could penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. The transdermal application (TDA) in the dermatology practice, derma competence center in Zurich Enge, however, works without direct contact with the skin. It works without additional water as a foreign body, as well as without needles and is completely painless. With TDA, your dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler and his team can give your skin a fresh look and support the well-being and healing of your skin. This innovative active system can in addition to skin improvement with wrinkle treatments such as laser therapy (fractional), neuromodulation, hyaluronic acid filler, thread lifting and radiofrequency, achieve even better results. TDA is the result of extensive research and development work. TDA is currently the newest non-invasive regenerative skin treatment system that reaches maximal depth with active substances. Used for several years in Germany and Europe and due to its great success, dermatologist Dr. med. Schnitzler has added this innovation to his dermatological practice in Zurich Enge. The secret of noninvasive skin penetration lies in the exclusive enriched carrier substance LP3, developed exclusively by SEYO. In the TDA applicator the LP3, enriched with active substances for example, hyaluronic acid complexes, nail hardening agents and hair growth stimulators, is activated with pure oxygen to form micro-units. These are applied to the skin at ultrasound speed from a defined distance. LP3 in combination with the high oxygen pressure acts as a “barrier breaker” and opens the way through the outer layers of the skin (cornea) for the active substances to spread through and specifically reach the targeted deeper dermis (subcutis). The result is not an enrichment and fullness effect due to a water carrier medium as with other systems, (HydraFacial®), rather an actual real effect due to the active complexes.Further information on the exact technique and the active complexes are described in detail on the SEYO homepage: The active substances reach the deepest skin layers and form active ingredient depots which remain available long term. The depots stimulate and nourish cell renewal and support sustainable improvement in the skin’s appearance. The natural structure of the skin is visibly tightened and wrinkle depth is reduced. Just after a few TDA treatments effective depots develop and give the skin the perfect reboot. Already after the first application there is an immediate visible renewal of freshness. For the long-term improvement in the skin’s appearance, dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler in Zurich Enge, recommends a cure of one to two treatments per week, to re-saturate the undernourished skin with active substances. Thereafter, a period of four to six weeks is recommended between the third to sixth treatment. SEYO TDA makes it possible for dermatologist and laser specialist Dr. Schnitzler to perform the effective and lasting treatment with special anti-aging substances for almost all skin types – even with problem skin (acne, rosacea ,couperose) and allows fantastic combination possibilities for wrinkle treatment such as, fractional laser therapy, neuromodulator, hyaluronic acid filler, thread lifting and radiofrequency to achieve even more natural, sustainable results for even more patient satisfaction. Directly, it should also be possible to apply local transdermal anesthetics to perform aesthetic treatments such as the Vampire Lift with platelet rich plasma (PRP) and tattoo removal pain-free. The TDA System consists of a computer-controlled application station, applicator and TDA treatment cartridges. There is no direct contact with the skin. During treatment, the applicator is passed over the skin from a defined distance. The device continuously indicates the progress of the treatment and signals when it is time to move to other skin areas. The device calculates and defines the exact mixing ratio of oxygen and carrier substances and controls the precise pressure conditions as well as the application speed. Depending on the related “carrier” formulation, the droplets are released in ultrasound frequency patterns in absolute consistent size, thus allowing optimal deep penetration of the skin. The face, neck, decollete, hands, as well as problem zones with stretchmarks and scars can be targeted and treated. The dosage of active components can be partially intensified for example, to treat the especially sensitive eye area. The application selected is tailored to the physical properties of each active substance cocktail to ensure that all substances penetrate the skin and can develop their full effect. All you feel during the treatment is a light, pleasantly cooling massage effect. Examples of the active ingredient complexes: Hyal N5 TDA, FOR YOUNG, SATURATED SKIN: Protects young skin against environmental skin ageing, supplies valuable moisture and vitamins deep down and smooths early dryness wrinkles. Hyal N10 TDA, FOR INTRINSICALLY AGED SKIN: Stimulates the skin’s own collagen production and micro-circulation and activates the absorption of active substances into the deepest skin layers for a natural lifting effect. Mitocell TDA, FOR EXTRINSICALLY AGED SKIN: The highest concentration of anti-aging active substances ensures deep-acting regeneration of the cell-damaged skin, visibly reduced wrinkles and a rejuvenated appearance. Canaboost TDA, FOR SKIN IN NEED OF REGENERATION: Has a cell-activating effect, provides intensive skin nourishment and promotes long-term regeneration. Hemp oil serves to strengthen the cell membrane, boosts the complexion and reduces wrinkles. Proderm TDA, FOR DIAGNOSED PROBLEM SKIN: Combats skin impurities and inflammation. Has an antibacterial effect and helps improve the overall complexion. Dermacool TDA, FOR IRRITATED SKIN: Cools, soothes and hydrates the skin. Supports the body’s own repair mechanism, reduces redness and the feeling of tension in stressed skin. Recommended as an after-sun treatment or aftercare for all treatments that irritate the skin. Polar TDA, FOR HYPERPIGMENTATION: protects the skin with its active complex formulation against environmental influences, thus preventing discoloration and skin ageing. The unique formula promotes skin peeling and thus contributes to a more even complexion. Fight TDA Men, FIRMS AND STRENGTHENS THE SKIN: Reduces wrinkles, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The natural protective function of the skin is strengthened, micro-circulation is stimulated, and cell renewal promoted. Rescue TDA Men, IMPROVES COMPLEXION: soothes sensitive, stressed and irritated skin – especially after shaving – and helps to reduce redness, irritation and mild inflammation. in addition, it provides the skin with lasting moisture.   Scientific studies show:
  • Oxygen supply – with SEYO TDA + 62 % Oxygen-supply and reduction of free radicals by 85%
  • Opening of the epidermis – with SEYO TDA + 65 %
  • Improved skin appearance – with SEYO TDA: +   54 % forehead + 132 % mouth angle + 166 % eye angle +   60 % moisture of the skin
  • Transport depth – with SEYO TDA – 6-fold compared to standard