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Thread Lifting with absorbable threads at the derma competence center, the dermatology practice of Dr. Hero Schnitzler, your dermatologist in Zurich Enge

Thread Lifting with absorbable threads is a new era in the rejuvenation of aging facial contours at the derma competence center, the dermatology practice of Dr. Hero Schnitzler, your dermatologist in Zurich Enge.   Gravity, decline of youthful fullness from fat pads and increased laxity of the connective tissue lead to the loss of defined facial contours in almost all people. As a result, sagging cheeks and jowls, double chins and loss of fullness and definition start to appear.   Dr. Hero Schnitzler, dermatologist in Zurich Enge now treats sagging cheeks and lax skin around the chin and jawline with the absorbable sutures of Seralea. These high-quality, very well-tolerated and in their effect excellent “high-end” threads from a German company, are particularly effective in recontouring the midface and jowl areas. Further information about the threads and their properties is impressively described on the homepage of Seralea (   Facial lifting with threads is an optimal method, especially for those patients who shy away from surgery and is also a perfect alternative to, or even a combination option with other therapies such as laser skin tightening or treatment with hyaluronic acid filler, neuromodulation, radiofrequency, carboxytherapy and the “vampire lift” with platelet rich plasma (PRP).     Mostly, patients who opt for a thread lift, want results with no downtime, shy away from anesthesia or simply need a little “support” in order to maintain or restore youthful facial features. With Thread Lifting, dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler can rejuvenate your natural facial features by emphasizing a clearer lower jaw contour without anyone suspecting an aesthetic procedure. With this method, as well as with the targeted use of only small amounts of hyaluronic filler and neuromodulator, he maintains your natural mimics and personality and only reduces the traces and signs of the times. In particular, the midface and the lower jaw are very suitable for a thread lift. The procedure should not be used for very thin skin with a lack of fatty tissue.   Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler can perform this gentle facelift method in his dermatological practice, the derma competence center in Zurich Enge, without anesthesia or downtime. In a consultation, the dermatologist explains this method and checks whether you are a suitable candidate for facial thread lifting.   Dermatologist, Dr. Schnitzler performs suture lifting under local anesthesia. First, the facial area to be treated is carefully disinfected, then the points of insertion for the sutures are numbed with a local anesthetic. The treatment area is kept sterilely covered. With a special hollow needle, he inserts the sutures into the subcutaneous tissue and pushes them into the tissue. The patient may feel a bit discomfort but usually feel no pain and if so, then minimal. Thanks to the barbs along the sutures, the stitches adhere exactly to the designated areas of the face and dissolve on their own after 6-12 months. Fibrosation or granuloma formation (knots) around the stitches (as in previous generations) is therefore virtually impossible. The tiny puncture points are no longer visible after a few days. In most cases, dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler uses 1-2 sutures per side, for example to tighten the skin around the lower jaw line. The sutures are neither visible nor palpable from the skin’s surface.   In order to achieve the best results, dermatologists recommend avoiding facials or massages during the first few days. Sports and exercise, saunas and strong sunlight should also be avoided. Slight swelling or bruising, as well as possible folds in the areas where sutures and pulled may occur but disappear after a few days.   Not only do the threads used for the facial thread lift create an immediate, clear facial rejuvenation (4D effect) but also a long-term effect: The threads stimulate collagen production in the connective tissue resulting in a long-lasting natural facial lift. The complete long-term effect becomes fully visible after 3-6 weeks. The skin tissue is supported and strengthened. Unevenness and small wrinkles are corrected with the Seralea® threads. The results last for up to 2 years. Afterwards, the thread lift can be repeating with the advantage that you no not have to start again from “zero”.   If needed, the effect can be enhanced with neuromodulator or hyaluronic acid filler or supplemented with other aesthetic treatments: radiofrequency, carboxy therapy and the “vampire lift” with platelet rich plasma (PRP).   The costs are determined by the number of threads used and the amount of time needed for the treatment. In a personal and tailored consultation, dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler will gladly explain to you this procedure and his success as well as the possibilities, potential side effects and expected costs of a thread lift.   The result is a natural younger and fresher look with clear facial contours without scars or downtime.