Visit of the Swiss Society for Medical Laser Applications Congress in Zurich

This year’s SGML Annual Congress was held in Zurich in January and was themed SGML18 LASER & PROCEDURES ZURICH. The international speakers offered the audience an interesting and varied program. An extension of the lectures beyond the laser applications were offered and so various topics were discussed and workshops were held. Topics included were:
  • Peelings, possibilities and limits
  • X-ray soft radiations, alternative to conventional treatment methods
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (Vampire Lift), used for hair loss
  • Treatment options for vascular neoplasms
  • Laser folding therapy and other methods in aesthetic dermatology (e.g. neuromodulation, hyaluron, plasma, …)
  • Introduction of active ingredients into the skin
  • Therapy of white spot diseases (vitiligo)
  • Laser lipolysis and body shaping
  • Pigment and tattoo removal with laser, old and new
  • Acne treatment with light
  • Treatment of spider veins and varicose veins
In addition, legal issues such as the use of lasers by medical laymen, new developments in the Federal Act on the protection against hazards by non-ionized radiation and sound as well as medical fundamentals such as the development of white skin cancer were intensively addressed . Dr. Schnitzler and the derma competence center were personally highlighted as a new training clinic in the opening speech of the SGML President. In his speech, the President encouraged Dr. Schnitzler’s engagement as a trainer for the FMCH Laser Certification Qualifications.