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For our aesthetic cosmetics at the derma competence center in Zurich Enge, peeling complexes based on fruit acid are selected for our patients. Aesthetico® fruit acid peeling is a natural exfoliant based on citric acid from among others, lemons, apples and tartaric acid. The intensity of the peeling depends on the concentration of the citric acid and the pH-balance. The peeling cure, depending on skin type, takes 12 treatments spaced at one to four-week intervals and is suitable for all skin types. The application is very safe and flexible since the peeling complex can be adjusted to individual skin types. Patient’s do not have to limit any activities. The result: stimulation of skin regeneration, removal of dead skin cells, dry skin patches, reduced dry and tough horny layer (stratum corneum), supple and even skin tone, increased collagen production and stabilization of the skin’s protective barrier.

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