Good and appropriate facial cosmetic skincare is the basis for healthy and beautiful skin. These cosmetics tailored to the skin type should be integrated into a daily routine in order to offer the skin exactly what it needs in daily life.

The cosmetic products used should protect the skin, improve its condition and hinder the aging processes.

This support for the skin can and should also be intensified with facial treatments in the cosmetics area at a dermatologist.


1. What are Facials?

The facial is a multi-step procedure to clean pores, remove dead skin cells, therapy individual skin problems or concerns and nourish the skin for a healthier complexion.

Today, classic cosmetic facial treatments belong to the basic program which every cosmetologist, every cosmetology department and every cosmetic studio offer.

How facials are applied, and the products used however, vary to a great degree depending on the location and the person giving the facial.

The differences range from completely unprofessional “backdoor” at home studios to qualified cosmeticians in private studios and hotel wellness centers to perfect, classical medically based facial treatments in a highly professional environment with medical expertise standing by.

Such high-end cosmetology is offered in the integrated cosmetic area of derma competence center in Zurich Enge and since years with great success and positive feedback from our patients

The success speaks for itself. In addition to our dermatological care, we offer our patients a complete cosmetic foundation amplified with an extensive range of cosmetic appliances.

This gives our patients the possibility to combine facials with highly effective supplemental treatments.

Cosmetic department beautician - cosmetic treatments - facial treatment

The Cosmetic Area for tranquil regeneration in derma competence center, Zurich Enge.

2. How does a professional facial work?

2.1. Evaluation

To begin, there is a detailed consultation and evaluation of the skin.

At derma competence center in Zurich Enge, patients are accompanied by our experienced, certified medical- cosmetician to the separate cosmetic treatment area.

A detailed consultation follows regarding the wishes, concerns and objectives of the patient. Afterwards, the cosmetician examines the skin and determines the patient’s exact skin type; dry, oily, pore size, pigmentation, elasticity and overall condition in relation to the patient’s age. Particularly in a medical context, close attention is given to the presence of sun damage, suspicious or possibly dangerous skin changes as well as blackheads, clogged pores and acne.

Consultation skin & hair analysis - Cosmetic skin care

Multi-Dermatoscope: For exact analysis of skin

With the help of various probes taken with the Multi-Dermatoscope, the exact condition of the skin and hair can be analyzed.

It measures the skin’s hydration level, fat level, elasticity and melanin level. UV damage can also be revealed using a special UVA camera. This information allows for skincare and skincare products to be perfectly tailored to individual needs.

2.2. Consultation

In the subsequent consultation, one of our cosmetologists explains the exact treatment method for the planned facial treatment, the facial care products to be used and discusses the various supportive additional treatments that would be possible.

Together with the patient, she defines a treatment regimen and treatment schedule. At this time, the costs for the recommended tailored treatment are discussed and settled.

2.3. Supporting daily recommendations

At the patient’s request, home skincare for daily use (cleanser, facial care, serums, creams) are discussed and recommended.

Our cosmeticians are also happy to give tips on how to correctly apply the cosmetic products at home.

Make an apopointment

Then, nothing stands in the way of the facial treatment in Zurich Enge.

3. The actual treatment:

In principle, a facial always follows the same steps.

For each individual step such as cleansing, facial care, masks and facial massages from the cosmetician however, the procedure, technique and products used differ depending on the needs of the patient.

The one-to-one or 10 steps of a perfect facial:

  1. The patient is led into the treatment area and made comfortable. The body is covered with a pre-warmed towel, leaving the face and décolleté exposed. A cap or headband is put on to keep hair away from the treatment area if necessary.
  2. Using a cleanser for the specific skin type, make-up, dirt and loosened dead skin are removed. Then, a suitable clarifying toner is applied.
  3. Individual disturbing hairs are plucked and by request, the eyebrows are shaped.
  4. Steam or warm compresses are applied to the skin to open the pores and loosen trapped impurities for extraction. A gentle rotating cleansing brush or, if necessary, high frequency is used to painlessly open and clean pores.
    FacialCosmetics cosmetic facial treatment facial care cleansing skin acne treatment Zurich Enge by dermatologist
    Steaming and cleansing – The cosmetician gently cleans the patients face.
  5. The cosmetician cleanses the opened pores and gently extracts sebum, blackheads and, if necessary, small milia (sebum cysts).
  6. Afterwards, a facial peel is applied to more thoroughly clean and remove any superficial dirt and dead skin.
  7. At this point, additional treatments can be done. This has been discussed with the patient in advance, tailored to the type of skin and problem and if necessary, accompanied by additional medical consultation.
  8. A coordinating gentle mask is applied and allowed several minutes to calm and sooth the treated skin.
  9. After the mask treatment, there is a gentle facial massage. This facial massage stimulates lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and swelling.
  10. Last but not least, warm, damp compresses are used to remove any residue of the skin-care treatments. After a few moments of therapeutic repose, the desired light day make-up can be applied. It is discussed what to look out for at home in the subsequent period, care instructions are given and follow-up appointments, if necessary are arranged.

4. Which products are used for a facial?

At derma competence center in Zurich Enge, all of our in-house products are exclusively high-end. These are the skin-care products that are used during a facial. These various premium care products offer a wide range of clinically formulated facial treatments that can be tailored to every type of skin or problem. The special formulations are based on clinical research (without animal testing).

The product quality is of the highest level. This provides our patients with advanced skin care that is scientifically based and proven to optimize the skin’s health. In combination with the tailor-made “at home” treatments, these products deliver visible improvements in the condition of the skin and successful protection of the skin.

5. Additional skin treatments integrated into facials

5.1 Facial Peelings

At derma competence center in Zurich Enge, we use peelings based on fruit acid for facial treatments. The facial peels from Aesthetico® are all-natural products based on citric acids and among others, malic and tartaric acid. The effect depends on the concentration of fruit acid and the pH of the skin. This facial peeling stimulates skin renewal by removing the upper layer of dead skin cells.

This reduction in the thickness of the skin’s outermost layer or horny layer, results in a more even and cared-for complexion, an increase in collagen formation and the stabilization of the protective acid mantle of the skin. Depending on the skin type, a cure comprises six to twelve sessions at intervals of one to four weeks. It is very safe and flexible to use. This means that the peeling can be adjusted to suit every skin type. Patients have no downtime or restrictions, except for UV and sun exposure.

5.2 Facial Hair Removal

5.2.1 Non-permanent hair removal

During the cosmetic facial treatment, unwanted hairs can be removed using special wax and sugar techniques. In derma competence center the natural hair removal products used have been patented for over 30 years and are chemicals free. The unproblematic method and purely natural ingredients enable delicate and gentle depilation. It can also be used elsewhere on parts of the body, including those outside the face.

For individual disturbing hairs, special tweezers are used which are specifically designed for gentle removal.

5.2.2 Laser hair removal

For long-lasting hair removal, it is recommendable to integrate laser hair removal into the facial. The hair follicles are damaged by the laser and the unwanted facial hair is hindered from growing back.

In derma competence center we have several different types of lasers available for permanent hair reduction.

All laser hair removal is done according to precise instructions by dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler. Usually several (at least three) sessions are necessary to reduce unwanted hair growth by 85-95%. Patients have no downtime or restrictions, except for UV and sun exposure.

Laser hair removal for face and permanent hair removal - dermatologist in Zurich-Enge
Remove facial hair, upper lip hair facial fluff laser

Depilation of the upper lip with the alexandrite laser. There is no direct skin contact necessary due to the surface cooling with cold air.

5.3 TDA – Transdermal Application

This is innovative technology of one of the latest non-invasive, regenerative treatment systems, which can be optimally integrated into a facial.

Transdermal application - wrinkle reduction - nutrient ingredients for skin

The cosmetician applies a TDA facial treatment.

Facial skin treatment, TDA anti-aging skin rejuvenation

With a TDA treatment, patient’s eye area is refreshed.

The carrier substance (LP3) is enriched in the TDA applicator with active ingredients (e.g., hyaluronic acid complexes, active ingredients for hardening nails or promoting hair growth) and combined with pure oxygen to form micro-units. These are applied to the skin at the speed of ultrasound. The skin barrier is penetrated by the active ingredients, so they can get into the deeper layers and develop their effect.

TDA- Appliance for the penetration of active complexes into the skin.

How the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin.

The treatment is absolutely painless with no side effects. Patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the treatment with the desired immediate results.

There are different ingredient cartridges – for every skin type the perfect one.

Erfrischungskur für die Haut - Zürich Enge

  • pre-treatment cleansing
  • for young, saturated skin
  • for intrinsically aged skin
  • for extrinsically aged skin
  • for skin in need of regeneration
  • for diagnosed problem skin
  • for irritated skin
  • for hyperpigmentation
  • for firms and strengthens male skin
  • for improves overall male complexion

5.4 Ultrasonic Facial Treatment

The ultrasonic facial treatment provides for a deep massage of active substances which penetrate below the skin’s surface. It is an excellent extension to the classical cosmetic facial treatment as the various ultrasonic and vital frequencies achieve a long-lasting reduction in existing and recurring puffiness and swelling. With ultrasonic treatment, the fluid balance in the skin is stimulated and lymphatic drainage is encouraged. This relieves swelling especially around the eyes and lower face.

Ultraschall Behandlung - Haut-HiFu fokusierter Wirkstoffe einschleusen
Ultrasound treatment against swelling and for hydration of the skin.

Using special hydrophilic (water-loving) frequencies, hydration (deep moistening) can be achieved particularly for dry skin.
In derma competence center the cosmeticians use the V-Sonic machine with great success. There is no downtime after treatment. Several sessions are needed to achieve best results.

5.5 Radio frequency and magnetic pulse for skin tightening and collagen build-up.

If you want to strengthen the deep layers of the skin, tighten the cheeks, jawline and neck, it is recommended to integrate “Multipolar Magnetic Pulse Technology (MP)²” treatments into the facial. This is a combination of magnetic pulses and multipolar radio frequency.

Through this process, a heat matrix penetrates deeper layers of the skin and induces collagen synthesis, stimulates connective tissue cells, reduces fat cells and thus enables an effective skin tightening.

This works particularly well on the face, neck and décolleté.

With an additional handpiece, this procedure is also very suitable for body contouring (body sculpting). A reduction in fat deposits, cellulite and firming of the skin on the body are achieved.

Radio Frequency Therapy – Tighter skin without an OP!

It usually takes six to eight sessions at intervals of one to two weeks to get the desired result. The procedure is painless. Patients find the sessions pleasant and relaxing.

Radio frequency wrinkle treatment is beneficial and relaxing.

0:03 – What is Radio Frequency Therapy?
0:39 – What is the process of Radio Frequency Therapy?
0:58 – Which areas can be treated with Radio Frequency Therapy?  
1:18 – Who is a candidate for Radio Frequency Therapy? 
1:29 – How long does a treatment take and how often must they be repeated? 
2:11 – What risks or side effects possible with Radio Frequency Therapy?
2:39 – Are there any precautions after a treatment?
2:57 – How long do the results last?

Radio Frequency Therapy, Treatment for facial skin tightening, body contouring and cellulite treatment.

5.6 Acne Therapy

5.6.1 Special Cleansing

With acne cleansing integrated into the facial, pimples and blackheads are easily extracted with an especially intensive yet gentle treatment.

Kosmetik-Institut Verdampfer-Haut-Reinigung Kosmetische-Behandlung Akne-Poren öffnen
High frequency and ozonized steam is used for deep cleansing of the skin.

The Vapozon uses ozonized steam to open pores and loosens impurities for deep cleansing. Blackheads and clogged sebum glands, which are the cause of acne pimples, can be gently extracted. If the steaming is not sufficient to clean the pores, the blackheads can also be removed with high-frequency deep cleaning.

5.6.2 Acne Peeling

Due to the special composition of the fruit (glycolic) and salicylic acid used, dead skin cells are removed from the skins surface and the very deep blackheads are loosened from the sebum glands. The antibacterial effect also alleviates inflammation in acne pimples and prevents them from developing again – even small acne scars are reduced.

Especially with acne-prone skin, special acne peelings integrated into a facial, often work wonders!!!

5.6.3 Laser treatment for acne: Sebacia

This innovative procedure can also be integrated into a facial.

After cleansing, gold microparticles are massaged into the skin especially the sebaceous glands. In the subsequent laser treatment, laser energy heats the gold microparticles which in return, shrinks the glands and inhibits the production of sebum.

After 3 sessions within 2 weeks there is a clear and long-term improvement in acne and reduction of pore size.

6. How long does a facial take?

A good facial, i.e., the classic facial treatment with a facial cleansing, deep cleansing, peeling, skin care, and facial massage, takes time.

Good things take time!

Since relaxation should not be neglected, you should plan at least an hour to leave the cosmetic area of derma competence center in Zurich Enge fresh, relaxed and re-charged for the day. If there are additional treatment options, the facial treatment will take correspondingly longer.

7. What does a facial cost?

As with the time needed, the price of a facial depends on the procedures, skincare products used and any optional integrated treatments which might be individually needed. For this reason, prices for facials may vary considerably.

The cost of a facial varies depending on the different treatment options!!!

It is best to analyze needs and wishes in a personal consultation. During the preliminary discussion with our cosmeticians, everything regarding the process, procedures and the associated costs is thoroughly explained.

8. Overview of supplemental treatment options during a facial

overview of optional additional treatments during a facial.

Autor - Dr. med. Hero P. D. Schnitzler

I am Dr. Hero P. D. Schnitzler and founded the derma competence center in Zurich Enge in 2015, which I have been managing with heart, soul and professional competence ever since.

I am a member of various Swiss and international professional societies and a long-time lecturer for aesthetic laser medicine (D.A.L.M.) at the University of Greifswald, and for the Swiss skills program FMCH laser treatments of the skin.