«aesthetic» range: in the aesthetic oriented area of the derma competence center in Zurich-Enge, we help you with all aesthetic concerns and problems.

Natural-looking results are our most important goal!

Aesthetic treatments should help you enhance your appearance or remove the “unwanted”.

We, Dr. Hero Schnitzler and Dr. Regula von Thiessen-Wenger, use our years of professional competence to support or renew your beautiful, natural appearance.

As long-established doctors, experienced in the areas encompassing a good appearance, we consult men as well as women on the possibilities in aesthetic medicine without losing our focus on natural results.

Our Experience for your Appearance

Through continuous training and education in the area of «aesthetic medicine» combined with our experience, we know what helps to achieve the desired results and know the limits of aesthetic medicine.

The process is as follows

  1. We carry out a consultation covering all possibilities and suitable therapies.
  2. In the detailed consultation, we also discuss the results to be achieved.
  3. We then arrange a treatment plan with you.
  4. Devise a price calculation with possible fee distribution.
  5. Scheduling of appointment(s) for the suitable treatment for you.
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Information for payment plans

These services, since they are not medically indicated, generally are not covered by comprehensive insurance. Occasionally, supplementary insurance plans will however, cover all or partial costs.
We will be glad to clarify this with you in advance.

Best Methods and Equipment:

Through the use of the most modern treatment methods and the use of the most modern equipment, we can, in combination with traditional and established therapy, achieve the best natural results.

With various lasers, hyaluronic acid filler, facial threads, platelet rich plasma, radiofrequency, peelings und carboxy therapy or their combination, just to name a few possibilities, we implement our years of expertise to enhance or maintain your natural, beautiful appearance.

Exact Analysis and Consultation

In our practice in Zurich-Enge, we will gladly discuss with you which treatment is right for your problem, as well as the associated costs. Make an appointment!


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