«aesthetic» range: in the aesthetic oriented area of the derma competence center in Zurich-Enge, we help you with all aesthetic concerns and problems.

Natural-looking results are our most important goal!

Aesthetic treatments should help you enhance your appearance or remove the “unwanted”.

We, Dr. Hero Schnitzler and Dr. Regula von Thiessen-Wenger, use our years of professional competence to support or renew your beautiful, natural appearance.

As long-established doctors, experienced in the areas encompassing a good appearance, we consult men as well as women on the possibilities in aesthetic medicine without losing our focus on natural results.

Our Experience for your Appearance

Through continuous training and education in the area of «aesthetic medicine» combined with our experience, we know what helps to achieve the desired results and know the limits of aesthetic medicine.

The process is as follows

  1. We carry out a consultation covering all possibilities and suitable therapies.
  2. In the detailed consultation, we also discuss the results to be achieved.
  3. We then arrange a treatment plan with you.
  4. Devise a price calculation with possible fee distribution.
  5. Scheduling of appointment(s) for the suitable treatment for you.
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Information for payment plans

These services, since they are not medically indicated, generally are not covered by comprehensive insurance. Occasionally, supplementary insurance plans will however, cover all or partial costs.
We will be glad to clarify this with you in advance.

Best Methods and Equipment:

Through the use of the most modern treatment methods and the use of the most modern equipment, we can, in combination with traditional and established therapy, achieve the best natural results.

With various lasers, hyaluronic acid filler, facial threads, platelet rich plasma, radiofrequency, peelings und carboxy therapy or their combination, just to name a few possibilities, we implement our years of expertise to enhance or maintain your natural, beautiful appearance.

Exact Analysis and Consultation

In our practice in Zurich-Enge, we will gladly discuss with you which treatment is right for your problem, as well as the associated costs. Make an appointment!

Here you will find an overview of the therapies, lasers and appliances which are used in the aesthetic department. We only use appliances and products which are safe, relatively pain-free, CE Certified, authorized for use in Switzerland, verified by conclusive studies, and which have our approval.

EpiXan® long-pulse Alexandrite Laser – Hair Removal
Alexandrit-Laser Enthaarungslaser IPL SHR

The EpiXan® Alexandrite Laser is considered as one of the “golden standards” for laser hair removal. Its longer pulse durations of 755 nm is ideal for laser epilation of all skin types (I-IV). The high performance, repetition rates with variable pulse lengths and energy densities, allows for optimal treatment parameters. Thanks to the additional feature of cold air cooling, the treatment is relatively pain-free with little to no side effects. In order achieve the desired results, more than one sitting is necessary.

AlexLazr® – Q-Switch Alexandrit Laser – Tattoo Removal

The short pulse (Q-Switch) AlexLazr® Alexandrite Laser makes it possible to remove colored pigment. It is especially effective in removing colorful tattoo ink pigments, darker ink pigments and darker skin pigmentations (age spots). The wavelength of 755 nm can penetrate deep into the skin allowing stubborn tattoo pigments to be treated. These properties also make it possible, with multiple sessions, to completely remove even green and light-brown tattoos. For other pigmented lesions such as age-spots, usually only one sitting necessary.

More information at www.syneron-candela.com/de

Tattoolaser gruen gelb blau
Neurotoxin Zornesfalte Faltenbehandlung

Neuromodulation is practically indispensable in today’s wrinkle treatments. At the derma competence center in Zurich Enge, we use the brand Bocouture®, which has no unnecessary additives, from Merz Pharma or Vistabel® from Allergan. It makes it possible for an experienced dermatologist to treat mimic wrinkles with precision and natural results. These are the expressions lines which form primarily on the upper third of the face over time, due to repeated muscle activity. With just one injection, in four to five days, the long-lasting effect sets in. And, the natural-looking results remain for a long time without the “frozen” look.

More information at www.merz.ch/produkte/bocouture/ &

Carboxy Therapy CDT-Light®

Carboxy Therapy is a natural, safe and versatile method for aesthetic dermatology. It has been used since many years at the derma competence center in Zurich Enge with much success. Carboxy is effective in treating cellulite and stretch marks as well as under-eye dark circles and sagging, puffy skin. It is also an effective in treatment for lax skin on the neck and décolleté, double chin as well as unwanted resistant fat.

Carboxy Geraet Co2 gegen Fett Hautdellen Müde Augen

With Carboxy, sterile, medical-grade carbon dioxide (CO2) is injected underneath the skin with an ultra-fine needle. This stimulates collagen production for firmer, smoother skin. In general, four to six sittings are recommended for desired results.

More information at www.carbossiterapia.it

Diode-Laser Treatment (LightSheer®)- Hair Removal and Acne Therapy
Goldstandard der Laserenthaarung Wellenlänge von 800nm LightSheer® derma competence center

LightSheer® laser treatment refers to the use of a diode laser system with a wavelength of 800 nm. For many years, this treatment has been verified through clinical studies and recognized by medical specialist as a Golden Standard for laser hair removal. Multiple sittings are also necessary with this therapy. Here in Zurich Enge, by using a pre-treatment cooling cream on the targeted area, along with the integrated water-cooled sapphire-glass tip on the laser handpiece (contact cooling), makes this treatment relatively pain-free with little to no side-effects.

This laser is also used for the acne therapy: "Sebacia". Validated clinical studies show that this appliance has the best factors to reach the sebaceous glands and activate the gold microparticles used in the Sebacia method.

More information at: www.lightsheer-haarentfernung.de &

Diode-Laser Treatment – MeDioStar XT Pro V®

The MeDioStar XT Pro V® is the perfect complement to the laser hair removal therapies in our dermatology practice in Zurich Enge.

The MeDioStar XT Pro V® is a diode laser system with a wavelength of 808 nm, for larger treatment areas and has a special integrated cooling system.

The MeDioStar XT Pro V® Laser model, which is approved for permanent hair removal, was developed in Germany and is constantly improved with technical innovations. This hair-removal laser offers proven therapy possibilities to remove unwanted hair. With this laser therapy as well, multiple sittings are necessary. Yet, there is indeed minimal skin irritation due to the cooling system with a special integrated cooled metal plate and pre-cooled laser gel.

More information at: www.asclepion.de

Mediostar - Diodenlaser - Laserenthaarung - dauerhafte Haarentfernung
Erbium: Glass-Laser Treatment „Fraxel“ (Sellas EVO®, Nonablative Fractional-Laser)

The fractional laser is used for skin rejuvenation, treatment of fine lines and wrinkles and skin resurfacing. Additionally, it is used for treatment of scars and stretch marks.

This treatment creates micro-coagulation columns – ca. 100 to 1 cm², in the deeper layers of the skin without damage to the top layer of skin. And so, there are no visible wounds and no significant downtime for the patient. The micro-injuries to the skin’s tissue leads to stimulation of collagen synthesis. Just after several sessions, usually spaced 4 weeks apart, there is noticeable improvement in skin structure of the treated area.

Improvement can usually be seen already after the second session. As collagen growth takes time, the full effect and end results usually need about three months after the last session.

Narbenbehandlung - Aknenarben - Verjüngung - Laser Falten Behandlung - Hautalterung
Erbium:YAG-Laser Treatment (Asclepion MCL 90 Dermablate®) Ablative Erbium-Laser)
Laser - Abtragung Erbiumlaser Haut

The application of the Asclepion MCL 30 Dermablate® – Erbium-YAG-Laser allows exact and controlled removal of the skin’s top layers and best possible protection of the surrounding tissue. This laser is ideal for the removal of benign skin tumors, such as age warts and dermal birthmarks. And so, an operation or curettage to remove such skin changes can often be avoided. Plus, as the treated area heals, the new skin’s texture is smooth and even with no scarring.

Usually, one sitting is enough. Since the therapy is virtually painless, (cool-removal), very seldom is a local anesthetic (cream or injection) required.

More information at: www.asclepion.com

FL – Phosphatidylcholine «Anti-fat Injection»

Now, with no surgery even small, stubborn, nerving fat deposits, in clearly defined areas for example, on the chin or knees as well as love handles, lower back and belly fat can be permanently eliminated. One injection treatment with FL – Phosphatidylcholine (PC), an extract found in soybeans, with 5-Phosphatidylcholine, and additionally, 2% Deoxycholate, makes it possible to dissolve fat.

To achieve the best possible results, depending on the location and thickness of the fat layers, typically requires one to four injections spaced at four-week intervals.

The fat in the cell is broken down and released through the weakened cell membrane which is then naturally eliminated from the body. The long-lasting results from this minimally invasive method are usually visible by the end of one month.

More information at: medsab.info/fl-phosphatidylcholine/

Thread Lifting, with reabsorbing threads from Seralea®

Wrinkle therapy with reabsorbing threads is a treatment for lost facial contours, available from dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler, in Zurich Enge.

The top quality, high-end threads from the German company Seralea, are well tolerated and the results are excellent. They are especially effective in recontouring the middle and lower third of the face, especially when an operation is not desired. The treatment takes place right in the dermatologist’s practice. Under sterile conditions, the indicated area is injected with a local anesthetic. With use of a special needle, the threads are then guided and fixed under the skin.

The procedure is relatively painless, and the patient has zero downtime. The effect is an immediate tightening and lifting of the treated area. As the threads dissolve over time, renewed collagen production continues and supports years of lasting results.

More information at: www.seralea.de/

Hyaluronic Acid Filler
Faltenbehandlung Hyaluron Hyaluronsaeure Filler Faltenunterspritzung Marionettfalten Merkelfalten Nasolabial Falten Detail

Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler, with many years of experience in hyaluronic acid injections, uses exclusively high-end products at his practice in Zurich Enge.

The products from the reputable Merz Pharmaceuticals, (Belotero), make it possible for him and his colleague, dermatologist Dr. von Thiessen, to successfully and precisely treat fine lines and wrinkles as well as augmentation therapy of cheeks and lips. Natural-looking results are visible just after a single sitting without any downtime.

More information at: www.merz.ch/produkte/belotero-intense/

KTP-Laser (Asclepion , QuadroStar +®)

The long pulse KTP- Laser (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate Laser) from Asclepion (QuadroStar+) has a specific pulse duration and a wavelength of 532 nm, which targets the hemoglobin pigment in red blood cells. The green light-energy emitted is absorbed by the pigment and converts into heat, resulting in a selective, gentle and permanent closure of the treated blood vessel.

Along with the integrated scanner application, it is especially effective in treating very fine blood vessels, for example, in the case of couperose, port-wine stains and cherry angiomas. Additionally, changes in connective tissue such as fibroids, warts und xanthelasma (fat deposits around the eyelids) can be removed without any scarring.

The treatment is relatively pain free, there is no downtime and patients can immediately return to their daily activities. Usually one to several sittings are necessary to achieve the desired results.

More information at: www.asclepion.com

Couperose Laser Gesicht rote Gefäße Dr Schnitzler Zuerich Enge
Platelet Rich Plasma, Vampire-Lifting

Thrombocyte rich plasma, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is obtained by special centrifugation of the patient’s own blood. The enriched growth factors present in PRP stimulate connective tissue cells: the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is stimulated and attracts new stem cells. This leads to a tightening and thickening of the skin. And as a consequence, your skin is rejuvenated.

Hair growth, for men and women is also noticeably stimulated by the application of PRP directly to the scalp. The PRP is reintroduced by the dermatologist by injection with the use of ultra-thin needles. Or, at the derma competence center in Zurich Enge, the PRP can be applied by using "Transdermal Application". This new and very successful method, does not require any injections, making it pain-free with no bruising.

More information at: www.regenlab.com/corporate/

Platelet Rich Plasma, Vampir- Lifting oder Frischzellen- Kur
Plasmage® Eyelid correction without an operation
Plasmage Slip lid

Plasmage® is a highly sophisticated plasma technology developed for precise, delicate treatment of droopy eyelids and wrinkles (especially around the upper lip area). Dr. Schnitzler first examines the skin tissue of the area to be treated and then applies tiny points of plasma, which gently tighten the treated area.

No operation is necessary. The surrounding and deeper skin tissue is not affected. The result is immediate and there is only minor side effects. Signs of the treatment completely disappear after just a few days. The patient has only minimal downtime and usually only one sitting is necessary to achieve the desired results.

More information at: www.plasmage.de & www.medsab.info/produkte/plasmage.html

Q-switch and long pulse Neodym: YAG-Laser Treatment, Quanta Q-plus®

The Quanta Q-plus Laser® at the derma competence center in Zurich, offers the possibility to use various wave and pulse lengths. This provides for the best parameters to be selected for the desired targeted structure. The short impulse known as the Q-switch impulse makes it possible to remove tattoos and other pigmentations.

With a wavelength of 1064 nm, the laser is suitable for all dark colors and with a wavelength of 532 nm, for all reddish tones. You should, however, calculate several sittings with a minimum of four-week intervals. Layer by layer, the ink pigment is shattered. The pigment particles are absorbed by the body and eventually flushed away by the body’s immune system.

Using the long-pulse mode, blood pigment in the blood vessels is targeted. This setting allows the gentle removal of all troubling blood vessel disorders (couperose, spider veins, angiomas).

More information at: www.quantasystem.com

Laser gegen Besenreisser Blutschwämchen Couperose Tattoo farbige
Rubin-Laser Treatment Asclepion RubyStar®
Laser gegen Altersflecken und Tätowierung

The short pulsed (Q-switch) Rubin Laser makes it possible to remove darker pigments. It is especially effective for the removal of tattoo ink pigments and the removal of dark pigment spots like age spots.

The wavelength of 694 nm has an especially high absorption degree which makes it possible to completely remove otherwise therapy resistant disorders as well as green tattoo ink pigments. In such cases, complete removal requires more than one sitting. For other pigment lesions like age spots, usually only a single sitting is necessary.

More information at: www.asclepion.com

Venus Freeze Concept® – Treatment with the Multi Polar Magnetic Pulse Technology (MP)²

The treatment with the Multi Polar Magnetic Pulse Technology (MP)² is the combination of magnetic pulses with multi-polar radio frequency (RF).

This generates a comparable heat matrix which induces collagen synthesis, stimulates fibroblast production, breaks up fat cells and efficiently tightens and firms skin. Venus Freeze can be used to tighten facial skin, neck and décolleté as well as the abdomen, hips, butt and thighs.

The skin becomes firmer, circumference is reduced, and the appearance of cellulite is improved. Usually six to eight sittings at one to two-week intervals are recommended to achieve the desired results. Treatments are painless and actually found to be comfortable and relaxing.

More information at: www.venustreatments.com

Vretty ®: High-intensity focused ultrasound (Hifu) – the new generation

In contrast to the conventional Hifu appliances of earlier generations with a linear delivery of the high-intensity ultrasound, this new innovated system works with a massaging, circular delivery.
This allows the ultrasound points to be directed and concentrated with more precision on the structure to be treated. This leads to contraction of the deep skin layers and deep connective tissue (SMAS).

The treatment is no longer as time consuming and no longer as painful as with such appliances from previous generations.

Individual facial areas take between 20 and 40 minutes. With the exception of slight temporary reddening, patients can immediately return to daily activities. One treatment is usually sufficient for natural results. After two to three treatments, optimal results are achieved.