Stop Corona, Stay Home!

Stop Corona, Stay Home!

In the present situation it is extremely important to maintain social distancing and avoid contact with other people.

Every one of us must do all we can to slow down the spreading of the new Corona Virus so that together, we achieve the best possible protection for the population.

For this reason, stay at home as much as possible and avoid contact with other people.

Whenever possible, patients should use the offered online consulting/treatment services such as derma2go, e-mail correspondence and if applicable, Skype or similar internet communication platforms to communicate with your dermatologist.

Many things can also be clarified through telephone consultations.

Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler is in the process of setting up further types of digital media for patient care during this difficult time.

The derma competence center is a dermatology practice in Zurich Enge. It is not a contact center if you suspect you have been infected or exposed to the Coronavirus and is not a treatment center for quarantined patients who have already tested positive.

All doctors in Switzerland and therefore dermatologist Dr. Hero Schnitzler with his practice in Zurich Enge, have been restricted by BAG to only treat patients with urgent needs. 

What is considered to be urgent?

The Swiss Association for Dermatology (SGDV) has described various skin disorders as «urgent» in this context. Your medical professionals and the patients know when a personal consultation should and my take place.

Urgent reasons for consultation can therefore include among others:

  • Removal of melanoma and basal cell carcinoma:
    • for suspicious birthmarks: enlargement, color changes, itchiness or bleeding
    • for non-healing skin changes that ooze, flake, bleed spontaneously or form thick crusts.
    • related examinations and treatment, for example, operations or other procedures and measures.
    • regular skin cancer check-up
  • Acute eruption and acute worsening of chronic skin diseases (neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis), which severely affects quality of life (pain, itching or scaly skin) and for which treatment may prevent the need for sick leave from work.
  • Continuation of systematic therapies with oral medicine or injections and their prescribed control examinations.
  • Infectious diseases such as scabies, herpes zoster (shingles), bacterial infections (ringworm) and venereal diseases (condylomata)
  • Removal and draining of abscessed and inflamed cysts.

  • Therapy for patients with hay fever and other acute allergy illnesses.

When a personal consultation for these urgent cases cannot be avoided, Dr. Schnitzler, of course, follows the prescribed precautionary measures in his practice in Zurich Enge.

These means clearly that patients in the practice are kept separated; there is no contact between patients. Compliance with the minimum distance and the inevitable closer contact with Dr. Schnitzler and staff is conducted solely with the use of personal protective gear (facemasks, gloves, safety glasses). To avoid the use of public transportation, ample parking is available directly in front of the dermatology practice in Zurich Enge.

Frequent washing and disinfection of hands, disinfection of all used items, door handles and surfaces is self-understood.

Please stay home when possible and stay healthy!