AMWC 2019 -17th Aesthetic - Anti Aging - World Congress

17th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC) in Monaco: The very latest and for the best results in treatments with Filler (Hyaluronic Acid), Thread Lifts, Injection of Neuromodulators, Laser, Body Contouring, Radiofrequency, Ultrasound, Plasma, PRP-Vampire Lift and much more.

The 17th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress held in April 2019 in Monaco is one of the world’s largest congresses for «Beauty and Aesthetics». And, this is a great success for both the participants and represented companies and for the organizers as well.   The visit to this fantastic event was for Dermatologist Dr. Hero Schnitzler with his practice in Zurich Enge, as well as for the other 9,000 plus participants, the most important congress of 2019 for continuing education and broadening of skills in the aesthetic field.   The skills and exchange with his colleagues, luminaries and pioneers in the fields of laser therapy and laser medicine, wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic fillers, thread lifting, apparative aesthetics with radiofrequency and High-intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), body contouring with the so-called Fat Burning Injection, and Cryolipolysis as well as injections of a neuromodulator, allowed dermatologists like Dr. med. Hero Schnitzler to immerse themselves in the in depth material during the four day congress.   The large trade fair and industrial exhibition with more than 300 exhibitors is the best opportunity for the participating dermatologists and plastic surgeons to see the latest innovations available in the field of aesthetic treatments. The industry exhibition shows which new treatment trends are in place, and give the participant the opportunity to make direct comparisons. Here, they can see the advantages and disadvantages of the various system, such as laser, ultrasound, lipolysis and radio frequency devices. Your dermatologist Dr. Hero Schnitzler got a first-hand idea of which systems are the most suitable for his patients in his dermatology practice in Zurich Enge.   Your competent dermatologist and laser specialist Dr. Hero Schnitzler from Zurich got an accurate picture of which new trends are worth pursuing and which known treatments are the best in the end. During the live hyaluronic filler and injections of a neuromodulator and the insertion of threads for thread lifting, I learned a great deal as well as from my equally experienced colleagues, to further and optimize the treatments for my patients.   Lectures and presentations on possible side effects and treatment errors proved to be supportive and informative also for the experienced aesthetic practitioner such as Dr. Schnitzler, to make their own practices even safer, reducing side effect and achieving better results for his patients.   The congress in Monaco is across the board a fantastic platform to gain and exchange experiences, to get introduced to innovations and to further optimize the services of the derma competence center.