Natural hyaluronic acid boosted by the growth factors of your own platelets (PRP, platelet-rich plasma) – the new wrinkle therapy, the new Vampire Lift!

Natural hyaluronic acid boosted by the growth factors of your own platelets (PRP, platelet-rich plasma) – the new wrinkle therapy, the new Vampire Lift! The so-called vampire lift is a revolutionary innovation in aesthetic medicine which combines 2 established treatment methods to achieve natural results. As of now, Dr. Hero Schnitzler, Head Dermatologist at the derma competence center in Zurich, has brought this revolutionary innovation in aesthetics that combines two treatment concepts for natural results into his dermatology practice in Zurich. This combination of hyaluronic acid and thrombocyte rich plasma, a Swiss innovation, sets new standards in wrinkles treatment and skin rejuvenation with the Vampire Lift. This combination also achieves good aesthetic results in the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks. New and Successful: The «new» and «successful» with this method, developed in Switzerland, which dermatologist Dr. Hero Schnitzler in Zurich Enge is offering, results from the combination of hyaluronic acid (well known for wrinkle filling and volume building effects “the liquid lift” in wrinkle treatment) and the effective platelet rich plasma. These two methods complement each other through their individual effects. The results are significantly better than with a standard Vampire Lift or an ordinary treatment with non-cross linked Hyaluronic acid for wrinkle therapy and skin rejuvenation. The dermatologist, by means of a special procedure, uses the platelets from the patient`s own blood. They contain important growth factors that contribute to the generation of new collagenous connective tissue. They increase circulation and thereby promote the supply of oxygen and nutrients. At the same time, the additional use of hyaluronic acid in the skin leads to a strengthening of the existing collagen and a significant hydration which contributes to moisturizing the skin. The Result: The result is a clear tightening of the skin, a reduction in wrinkles and a fresh, youthful appearance. The procedure is carried out by the dermatologist in Zurich in two major steps. During the first consultation, blood is drawn from the patient and anesthetic cream is applied to the problem zones to be treated. During the numbing time of the anesthetic cream, the patient’s blood is centrifuged and the valuable and important growth factors are separated into a concentrate. When the skin is sufficiently anesthetized, the blood extract with hyaluronic acid and rich growth factors is at hand. At this time, the dermatologist injects the platelet rich plasma with an ultra-fine needle into the top layers of the skin where it’s effects takes place. This is very gentle and relatively painless. Alternatively, if injections are not desired, the dermatologist can use a laser therapy (fractional laser) to open the pores so that the growth factor rich plasma can equally penetrate into the skin and start to work. The procedure does not require more than pretreatment with anesthetic cream and at the end of the treatment, it is seldom that small bruises may occur. There will be a reddening and slight swelling of the face, which subsides in less than 48 hours. Dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler in Zurich Enge and his colleagues recommend three treatments in three to four week intervals, and if necessary, a yearly refresher treatment. This new form of the Vampire Lift is also suitable to enhance other aesthetic treatments such as laser therapies, radiofrequency and carboxy therapy. In combination with a neuromodulation, the therapy achieves fantastic results. Also as before, PRP Therapy is effective for hair growth. The procedure for treatment for hereditary hair loss in women and men is the same as for wrinkle therapy and skin rejuvenation. The dermatologist simply omits the additional hyaluronic acid.