End Summer Offer

The days are getting shorter, the leaves of trees change color and wilted. -
But your skin does not, it remains firm and elastic, wrinkles are reduced.
Our dermatologist End Summer Offer in Zurich offers the possibility gentle, relaxing but effective treatment with Multipolar Magnetic Pulse Technology (MP) ² www.venustreatments.com 10% cheaper.
The treatment of the Super revision of dermatologist Dr.Schnitzler, Zurich with Multipolar Magnetic Pulse Technology (MP) ² is the combination of magnetic pulses and Multipolar RF (Radio Frequency). These energies complement each other in order to achieve optimal treatment and best results. They produce homogeneous heat matrix on and in the skin induces collagen synthesis, fibroblasts will stimulate, broken fat cells and enable an efficient skin tightening. This not only in the face and neck but also on the upper arms, belly, legs and buttocks.