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Filabé – New at derma competence center, your dermatology practice of Dr. Schnitzler in Zürich Enge.

Patients with skin problems not only need good treatment. Whether impurities such as pimples and blackheads, redness and irritation or pigment and age spots, skin problems, as well as post aesthetic treatments with lasers, with a neuromodulator, threading or after peelings, the right skin care is essential. As an addition to our treatments and well established skin care products from Skin Ceuticals (, as of now, we offer facial care from Filabé The recyclable microfiber clothes loaded with active ingredients, clean peel and nourish the skin – without any harmful additives. The cause of skin problems is manifold. Triggers can be for example, stress, hormonal changes or oxidative environmental influences. The basis of every treatment is a care regime which does not additionally overwhelm the skin, protects the biosphere and supports the skin’s natural functionality. Since we gladly recommend Filabé in such cases, this functional skin care is also now available from us at the derma competence center in Zurich Enge, the dermatology practice of Dr. Schnitzler. Cutting-edge Swiss Technology for healthy, radiant and beautiful skin Conventional cleansers are based on oils or alcohol. Creams and lotions are necessary additives for the transport of the active ingredients. And so, serums (for example, from Skin Ceuticals), are extremely suitable for daily skin care. Filabé Microfiber Cloths do not contain any additives and transport the active ingredients directly into the skin – even under the epidermis. They help your skin to restore its natural balance without leaving an oily film which gets washed away and pollutes the ground water and oceans. Systematic Skin Care Filabé offers six products for different skin care needs for repair and prevention. In the “Repair” category, skin problems are solved with “Skin Clear Young”, “Skin Clear Adult”, “Irritated Skin” and “Uneven Skin Tone”. The “Prevention” products, “Balanced Skin” and “Aging Skin Balanced” maintain skin health. Once the suitable Filabé is found, the application can begin. Filabé is a night care which optimally supports the regeneration of the skin at night. Already after just a few days, the first improvements are physically evident and visible. And, after one skin renewal cycle, which lasts 28 to 72 days depending on age – the skin’s appearance is sustainably improved.   Sustainable Better Care Filabé clinically effective facial care provides lasting healthier skin, but it is also the smarter alternative for the environment. Since the wipes do not contain any additives, no harmful substances are released into the water. In addition, the skin care products are animal-free, vegan and recyclable. After use, the wipes as well as the foil packaging (for 7 wipes) can easily be returned free of charge in a pre-posted return bag enclosed with each package. We find this to be an extremely good service.   Filabé Facial Care clothes can be purchased anytime at the derma competence center as can the skin care products from Skin Ceuticals. Also, with a code that can be obtained directly in our practice, the products can be ordered straightaway and for an advantageous price from the Filabé Homepage.