Medical reinforcement in derma competence center!

Dr. med. Jörg Ulrich Fechner

Just in time before the summer holiday, we are pleased to welcome Dr. med Jörg-Ulrich Fechner to the derma competence center team in Zurich Enge.

Now we can offer ongoing dermatological care to our patients during vacation time or in the absence of Dr. Hero Schnitzler.

With Dr. Jörg-Ulrich Fechner, we have gained an experienced and accomplished specialist in skin and venereal diseases to represent us in our Zurich Enge practice. He is happy to help you and competently respond to your needs.

In addition to his work as a dermatologist, Dr. Fechner is extremely knowledgeable in the field of allergies and laser medicine.

Everything interesting, such as subject and specialty as well as career to Dr. med. Jörg U. Fechner.

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