Participation ZDFT 2018

8. Züricher Dermatologische Fortbildungstage in the Word Trade Center, Zürich

The annual advanced congress has been on of the most important further education for the dermatologists in Zurich and for dermatologists throughout Switzerland for several years.
The latest research findings on the subject of the year: skin and vessels were lectured in a lot of talks over 3 days by the most accomplished international and national speakers. The Zurich dermatological advanced training days were once again a complete success this year.

In addition to the annual topic, the latest and practice-relevant topics, such as skin cancer, cancer screening and aftercare, therapy of black skin cancer, white skin cancer, allergies and inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis were discussed. Another focal point was the diagnosis and treatment of nail fungus, skin fungus and the latest findings in acne and its therapy.

In the big industry exhibition was informed about newest medicines for the treatment of skin diseases, newest care products e.g. presented for dry skin and presented the latest developments of devices in dermatological use (such as laser skin rejuvenation, wrinkle therapy, tattoo removal and laser depilation).

The support of the inter-collegial cooperation of the colleagues working in the dermatology practice at the University Hospital of Zurich and their colleagues in their dermatological practices has been decided in order to enable the patients the best possible treatment of skin diseases.

Each participating dermatologist so as Dr. med Hero Schnitzler with his dermatologist practice in Zurich Enge benefits greatly from this conference.