Beautiful eyes - Mask Corona Zuerich-Enge compulsory mask

Radiant Eyes behind the Mask

At the moment, it is recommended to wear a facemask when in public places. This helps to continue the reduction of the spread of the Corona Virus. Whether surgical, FFP 2 or 3, as fashionable accessory from fabric, purchased or homemade, everyone has one and wears one.

Let your eyes behind the mask shine.

Dermatologist Dr. Hero Schnitzler, at derma competence center in Zurich Enge, offers various methods to make the eye area even more beautiful and attractive.

An eye-catcher behind every mask and face shield.

At his practice, he offers the Plasmage method to treat lax eyelids without an operation. Tiny points of plasma are applied to the excess skin on the eyelids. The plasma energy draws the excess skin together resulting in a tightening effect and immediately improves sagging lids.

Beautifully arched eyebrows can be achieved with neuromodulation. With this method, the ring-like band of muscles around the upper eye area are weakened. The resulting pull from muscles in the forehead, opens the eye and gives the eyebrow a nice feminine arch without strongly influencing natural mimic.

Laugh lines around the corners of the eyes can also be reduced with the targeted injection of neuromodulator by the experienced dermatologist. Here, the activity of the other facial muscles remains the same ­- one should be able to notice when you’re laughing behind the mask.

Dark circles and bags under the eyes can be improved with Carboxy Therapy. The injection of small amounts of medical-grade CO2 breakdown fluids, strengthen and thicken the skin.

Small lines around the eyes, especially on the lower lids, can be improved with fractional laser treatments.

Beautiful lashes with lash lifting complete the picture of beautiful eyes.

The lashes get a great upward lift and additionally shape the eye area for a soft feminine look. In combination with lash dying and eyebrow contouring by our cosmetologists in our integrated cosmetic institute in Zurich Enge, the morning mascara routine also falls away.

Desire beautiful eyes behind your mask? ­­­ Make an appointment here.