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Recovery after Lockdown!

Re couped after Lockdown? Your skin as well?

All of us at the derma competence center, the dermatology practice of Dr. Hero Schnitzler in Zurich Enge, hope you and your loved ones have recovered well after these not so easy last weeks!

The restricted lifestyle has not passed us by without leaving its marks on us and our skin. Wearing facemasks can also be very demanding for the skin. Facemask requirements can lead to mechanical irritations around the perioral area (around the mouth). The moist, warm climate underneath the mask often reinforces this reaction which can lead to reddening, scaliness and even pimples.

A nurturing facial treatment can soothe and support not only your face but also the décolletage, when combined.  

With the use of high frequency and steam, pores can be deeply cleaned. The skin is peeled and massaged then finally nurtured with a relaxing skin-type specific mask.

With an additional revitalizing TDA, transdermal application cure, the skin is significantly recharged. This may be integrated into the facial treatment.

At this particular time, there is an increase in the use of the following active complexes (naturally depending on your skin-type):

Canaboost TDA:  Has a cell-activating effect, provides intensive skin nourishment and promotes long-term regeneration. Hemp oil serves to strengthen the cell membrane, boosts the complexion and reduces wrinkles.

Hyal N10:  Stimulates the skin’s own collagen production and microcirculation and activates the absorption of active substances in the deepest skin layers. For a natural lifting effect.

Dermacool TDA: Cools, soothes and hydrates the skin. Supports the body’s own repair mechanism, reduces redness and the feeling of tension in stressed skin.

The active-ingredient complexes are combined with the TDA carrier substance LP3. LP3 is applied and activated with pressurized pure oxygen and opens the way to deeper skin layers. Here, in the dermis, the enriched active substances can fully develop and show their effect. The active-ingredient complexes support, protect, nourish and regenerate your skin.

In our cosmetic studio, here in Zurich, we are happy to indulge you and your skin and help you to fully regenerate after Lockdown. Our cosmetologists and studio are integrated in the dermatology practice so that dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler is available at all times for questions.

An Up after Lockdown for you and your skin!