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Long-lasting hair reduction with laser

Laser Hair Removal: Enjoy this coming summer to the fullest without troubling over removing annoying hair.

We all hope that the pandemic will end soon, so that we can fully enjoy our free time again.

Achselhöhle vor und nach einer erfolgreichen Lasertherapie
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Wouldn’t it be great not to waste our time fussing with wax and razors for disturbing hair?

Enjoy every minute around the pool or on the beach! Don’t worry about stubble, razor rash or ingrown hairs on legs, underarms, bikini line or back!


At derma competence center in Zürich Enge, dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler has various lasers for permanent hair removal available. It is important to use the right laser for permanent hair removal to achieve long-lasting results for all skin and hair types.

Since 3-4 sessions are usually necessary for permanent hair removal with laser, now is the right time to start the «Summer Without Shaving» project.  For this reason, through 31.3.2021, the consultation appointment for permanent laser hair removal with dermatologist Dr. Schnitzler is free of charge.

You will find further information on permanent laser hair removal in the article «Permanent Laser Hair Removal»

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I am Dr. Hero P. D. Schnitzler and founded the derma competence center in Zurich Enge in 2015, which I have been managing with heart, soul and professional competence ever since.

I am a member of various Swiss and international professional societies and a long-time lecturer for aesthetic laser medicine (D.A.L.M.) at the University of Greifswald, and for the Swiss skills program FMCH laser treatments of the skin.