Recertification for travel-associated and tropical dermatology for the dermatology practice derma competence center in Zurich Enge.

Dermatologist Dr. Hero Schnitzler once again, by participating in the intensive seminar and work group on 27. and 28.9.2019, obtained the additional dermatology designation: Travel-related and Tropical Dermatology Certification.

More and more people are going to dermatologists with travel-related and tropical dermatological problems.

For Dr. Schnitzler, dermatologist in Zurich Enge, it is very important for him to specialize in the areas of travel-related and tropical dermatology.

The world has become a small place, as well as for the dermatologist.

Nowadays, with the ever-growing worldwide tourism, more and more patients are returning to Switzerland with rare and exotic holiday souvenirs. Especially in locations like the dermatology practice of Dr. Hero Schnitzler in Zurich Enge, with many international and business traveling patients, dermatologists are more and more required to engage themselves in tropical dermatoses.

Rezertifizierung für Reise und Tropendermatologie von dcc

Certificate and Supplementary Title, Travel-related and Tropical Dermatology

For dermatologists from Germany and Switzerland as well, since 2014, the ISDT offers certified curricular training in tropical dermatology from the DDA (Deutsche Dermatologische Akademie),(German Dermatological Acadamie). After completion of the seminar participation (Basic, Intermediate and Specialization) dermatology specialists can obtain the Certificate for Tropical Dermatology (DDA).

What organizations stand behind the specialization for Travel-related and Tropical Dermatology for dermatologists in Zurich?

The non-profit organization for the advancement of dermatology in the tropics, International Society for Dermatology in the Tropics, a licensed association, was founded in 1996 in Tubingen, Germany and now has over 120 members in more than 11 countries. Notably, dermatologist Dr. Hero Schnitzler has been a member for more than 5 years.

Through his stays abroad, for example, in South Africa, Brazil, and Australia, he collected his first experiences in this exciting area. Captivated by this unique field, he became a member of the International Society of Dermatology in the Tropics.

Rezertifizierung für Reise und Tropendermatologie von dcc

Helping by Helping

Dr. Schnitzler has this possibility through his membership in the Society of Dermatology in the Tropics.

This enables him to use his experience and proficient knowledge in this interesting area, to treat returnees, vacationers and people with immigration backgrounds. And at the same time, through his membership fee and donations on site, help is available where it is most needed. This also contributes to the establishment of institutions for supplies for the local population and training of specialists in tropical areas of the world.